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Experts have described a terrible fallback statistics for the wheel

The experts have drafted a draft treaty on the fight against bullyingResearch conducted in the UK.

Sociological studies have shown that drowsiness was caused by 53 deadly accidents, of which 351 occurred in England in 2017 due to driver fatigue. Researchers believe that fatigue causes a quarter of all accidents.

Such data is provided by British scientists who analyze more than 20,000 drivers. They found that probability of accidents in the investigated groups was 37%. Drivers say they are sometimes so tired that they are afraid to fall asleep in the wheel. Estimates are more likely to suffer from drowsiness than car drivers are men.

Of the mass – 17% of men tend to lose vigilance while driving, and only 5% of women may fall asleep while driving. Moreover, only 57% of drivers of all subjects tend to rest, knowing that they are asleep.

The main causes of tiredness and drowsiness are researchers who consider a long and hard working day (39%), a monotonous landscape during the trip (33%), a night drive (27%), an attempt to reach longer distances in one day (27%) and lack of sleep before the trip (26%).

It is important to note that a driver who is "disabled" three or four seconds during a short ride over the short distance exceeds the size of the soccer field. 30 seconds "darkening" at 90-100 km / h car is not controlled, drive 0.8 km.

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