Wednesday , June 23 2021

Facebook Portal is now on sale – but who will allow Zuckerberg's cameras in their home?

It looks like a spy device, works a little like it and is built by a company that gathers more information about ordinary people than almost any other company in the history of mankind.

Now Facebook's camera equipped with a camera is available for pre-registration – but it is not clear whether consumers will allow Mark Zuckerberg's telescope in their home.

If you live in the US, you can now buy a portal with a 10-inch screen for $ 199 or 15.6-inch portal + for $ 349.

Gadgets are designed for video calls, and both models are equipped with powerful 12 megapixel cameras and four microphones.

Are you still scared? (Picture of Reuters)

Devices include "Smart Camera" and "Smart Sound" technology that uses artificial intelligence to automatically move and zoom the camera to keep everyone looking at it, while Smart Sound reduces background noise and improves the voice of the speaker to improve call quality,

Facebook insisted it would not listen to phone calls and use information to sell ads.

In a blog post it says: "Facebook does not listen, does not watch or retain the content of your video calls on the portal. That means that nothing you say on Facebook does not access through the video portal Portal or is used for advertising.

The portal always listens to "wake the word" like a "hey portal" unless you turn off the microphones.

After hearing this command, you will start sending audio information such as voice queries and commands (which can include ambient noise or background conversations) "back to Facebook.

The device is also capable of tracking the movements of its owners around their home.

It can detect your position relative to the device by analyzing data from your smartphone, and the camera on the portal may also detect movement and wake the device from standby when someone extends it in front of it.

We looked at Twitter to see if people talked about ordering a portal, but they could only find a few people who had pre-ordered gadgets, suggesting that there was no huge buzz about publishing.

If you have purchased a portal, email [email protected] to let us know why.

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