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Fit & Healthy & # 39; The 19-year-old discovered she did not respond after a stroke

The life of a "healthy and healthy" 19-year-old girl was saved by Mom after her student suffered a sudden stroke.

There was no warning that the teenager was in any danger before crashing at home in Murdishaw, Runcorn, after a shift he worked at Evenwood Farm on Wednesday, June 19th.

The student of psychology at Liverpool Hope University was awake but did not react to the couch in the living room when her mom, Marie Milton, heard that the TV was still plugged in and went check it out – saving her life.

Elly was transferred to Whiston Hospital and received stroke medicines, but was later transferred to Walton Center in Aintree where he was operated to reduce the pressure on the brain.

Her sister, 26-year-old Chelsea Holland, told ECHO: "It was difficult. It's hard to see how it is currently fighting because her older sister was always my baby.

Elly Milton, 19, who collapsed at his home in Murdishaw, Runcorn, after a sudden strike

"But for the family there is no choice but to be strong and help her to be strong. There is no other option."

Chelsea has at this time said that Elly, who woke up from her on June 21, can not talk and dive with her right hand but undergoes intense physiotherapy.

Doctors told the family that a stroke was caused by the Elmo brain's blood clot, but efforts were being made to find out what caused the clot.

Chelsea said her sister was a popular student who enjoyed trips to Bongo's Bingo in Liverpool and traveling after she had recently returned to Mallorce with her friends.

The teenager was supposed to hold a life racing race in Tatton Park in Cheshire on Sunday to raise money for charitable cancer, triggered by the twelve-month battle of breast cancer.

Elly Milton, her sister Chelsea Holland and mother Marie Milton

She was set up by Mother Marie, and Chelsea described this event as "very emotional."

Chelsea said: "Elly is a strong will, a very independent person. She was capable and healthy and not as if Elly had to have people to work for her, so it is difficult at the moment.

Elly's manager at the Evenwood Farm pub, Sarah Travis, has started a fundraising campaign to help the teenager's family in rehabilitation.

Sarah said, "She has been working for us since her sixteen years of schooling, she's just a wonderful girl and a fantastic team member, we've never had any problems with her.

These are signs to care for the Stroke Association.

  • Face: Can a person laugh? Did their face fall to one side?
  • Weapon: Can a person lift both hands and keep them there?
  • Speech Problems: Can a person clearly speak and understand what you say? Is their speech unclear?
  • Time: If you see any of these three characters, that is call time 999.

There is no way to find out if the symptoms will pass or be better when they start for the first time so that you need immediate medical attention. Stroke is an emergency medical aid. Always choose 999. The faster the person gets to the stroke specialist, the faster the treatment will get.

Other symptoms of stroke

The FAST test helps to uncover the three most common stroke symptoms. But there are other signs that should always be taken seriously. That includes:

  • sudden weakness or twitch on one side of the body, including legs, arms or legs.
  • hard to find words or speak plain sentences.
  • sudden blurred vision or loss of vision in one or both eyes.
  • sudden loss of memory or confusion and dizziness; or a sudden drop.
  • sudden, severe headache.

If you notice any of these signs of stroke, do not wait. Immediately call 999.

"She always does things right and proper, which is not what you would expect from teenagers."

Chelsea added, "We are just astonished that so many people want to help."

Sarah organized a charity action at Evenwood Farm, from 20 o'clock on July 12, with a raffle, an auction, and live music plus a performance by Dr. Chriso Steele's ITV Doctor.

Tickets are a 5 pound donation at the door.

Sarah also set up a crowdfunding site to raise money for Elly's family, with a target of £ 5,000, which is here.

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