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Google uses Gmail to track your purchases

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Google's business relies on gathering information about its users and customers, so the company can take every opportunity to want as much data as possible. As such, no one should be surprised to find that Google uses Gmail to capture the things you've bought – online and offline.

A little known page (it's not very secret, but it's not obvious) your Google Account reveals a year of purchase. Google insists that data on the Buying page can only be seen by individuals and not used for ad customization, but the secret, opaque nature of tracking – along with the fact that data is easy to delete – is unlikely to be good with Gmail users with privacy concerns.

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The site's existence Buying is highlighted by the CNBC, which indicates that Google not only keeps track of online purchases but also uses digital bills to record some offline purchases. You can only check what Google has recorded about your purchases by referring to the purchase page of your account. You will probably find a record of buying history that goes back a few years back.

Google has issued a statement saying:

To help you review and track your purchases, reservations, and subscriptions in one place, we've created a private destination that you can only see. You can delete this information at any time. We do not use information from your Gmail messages to serve ads, including invoices and email confirmations displayed on the Purchase page.

The company is right when it says that this information can be deleted, but it assumes that you even knew it existed. Deleting is also something painful; there is no possibility of mass deleting everything, and instead you have to manually work through each item. You will be asked to delete the email from which Google collected the data.

In this way, there is no way to stop collecting purchase information, and Google did not find out how much data was collected this way.

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