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Growing debts prompt Kieru to launch the right to 264 million pounds

The installment was confirmed by the installer on the bulletin on Friday afternoon, recording a 15% drop in stock prices.

Kier said that money is needed, as banks are becoming increasingly nervous in the construction sector, and co-operators need to pay faster.

The contractor said his network The debt on October 31, 2018 was 624 million pounds.

She added: "The average value of property in real estate and housing units of the Group during the year ended June 30, 2018 was approximately 460 million pounds on a cost basis, although auditors believe that the value of these assets is higher. "

Haydn Mursell, Chief Executive Officer of Kier Group, said: "There has been a recent change in credit market sentiment towards the UK construction sector, with various lenders pointing to a reduction in their exposure to the sector.

"This has led to less confidence among other stakeholders and increased focus on the balance sheet.

"The issue of rights is intended to address these issues, Kier's better position to continue winning new business and continue to strengthen the leading positions in the market."

Those holding about one-third of the shares have indicated they will take over the offer of rights.

Kier said, "Directors believe that it is important that the net income of rights issues be reflected in the Group's balance sheet as at 31 December 2018 in order to better position the Group in the light of more stringent credit markets and more stringent bidding opportunities – qualification requirements, to win new business. "

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