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Has the Prime Minister just signed his execution order?

The prime minister might have been a bit smart when he was attacked by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Revolution for his Brexit job.

About four hours in its 14-hour flight to the summit of leading G20 countries in Argentina, she told reporters:

"What they are doing is a commitment to dismissing the deal we have agreed with the European Union without the appropriate replacement for it.

"They say they do not want a" non-business "but they appear to reject temporary retirement, they are effectively advocating for jobs, because without return there is no job."

So she accuses Labor of launching such an economic disaster – a devastating recession that would see the United Kingdom's ten-year lifetime income – which was painted on Wednesday by the governor of England's bank.

What work critique will have to answer.

But in understanding the true import of what he has said, the work is undoubtedly indirect.

What prompted her to attack her work in such a way – probably unknowingly – she also accused her alienated allies, the DUP of Northern Ireland, and her own Brexiter MPs for the same crime, because they hated back designed to open the border to the island Ireland (critics see how they drive a wedge between GB and Northern Ireland and sacrifice the UK's full right of self-determination).

By expanding arguments that there is no backward action, she tells the DUP and her Brexiters that there is no plan B – that if they vote for her on December 11th, this can not be the case in her own design.

But rightly or wrongly, they do not believe the choice is their return job or no job.

That's why they will reject her plan.

And what is potentially deadly for her is that it will feel more oblivious to frustrate and ban it on Friday, if it is expected, dismissed the job – because they could support the PM so fatalistic and negative in finding a negotiating return Brexit?

Though he continues to say that a "sensible" vote on her agreement on the people, and nothing about her future, is untenable until she claims her job is the only job.

If she really means what she says, she does not have a plan B, she will disappear within hours of losing her voice – replacing someone whose heart is searching for another route to avoid unauthorized chaos.

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