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Holidays: An American Visa for New York Rejects British After Accidentally Saying It's a Terrorist Travel News | Travel

The US trip is known for being cunning when it comes to getting to the state.

Britons hope to visit America must apply for ESTA (electronic travel approval system) before crossing the Atlantic.

However, an unlucky British recently discovered that his ESTA request was rejected before the holidays in the United States after he accidentally said he was a terrorist.

Scotland John Stevenson, 70, from Greenock, planned to travel to New York to celebrate his recent birthday with his wife Marion when the catastrophe was damaged.

He claims that his sleep rest had been destroyed after a technological glitch caused him to be denied entry.

Grandfather of five declined to enter the United States and said it was "a threat to their national security," the Daily Record reported.

John believes that there was an error when his session expired while he completed the ESTA app.

He tried again, stamped out his passport number and was pleased that he was given the opportunity to continue where he went. Then he completed the application.

The retired taxi driver was terrified when, one week later, he found out that he had been dismissed.

John contacted US customs and border protection only to be told he is now appearing in the system as a known terrorist.

"I could not believe in what I hear and I can only assume that the answer to the question is" Are You a Terrorist? "I did not turn to when my computer was up," Daily Record said.

The couple retired from a £ 3,000 holiday dream in New York, believing that it would be their last chance to visit the city.

They wanted to visit NYC on Christmas and planned everything for a special trip.

But the vacation turned into a "nightmare" and John called the mix "funny".

The only way a couple could correct the situation was to visit the US Embassy in London but were unable to make the trip and were forced to completely cancel the vacation.

US holidays are complicated for many British tourists because the US government tightens the rules for entry requirements.

Under the tough new rules, visitors who do not have a "biometric passport" or "ePassport" will need to get a full visa prior to the trip, making the entry process much longer.

Passengers assume that they are acquired at ESTI will automatically be allowed in the US.

However, this can not always be guaranteed. For example, last year, the British Muslim family was removed from flight to Los Angeles, despite being ESTA online. They were not told why they were removed or why they could not enter the United States.

This is a rare occurrence, but these are cases in which ESTA owners are banned from entering.

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