Ikea Trådfri (I just discovered that my keyboard has this weird character) line-up is one of the cheapest smart home lighting systems, which costs just a few bucks per bulb on average. It started with limited bulb options, but expanded to offer light fixtures, drivers for LED lights and just added smart sockets. They were announced for a while, but they were not available for purchase recently.

Just in time for the holiday season and Christmas decoration, you'll be able to get the Trddfri smart sockets and control them using the wireless or on-button switch, or if you have a Trådfri gateway, an Android application, or a Google helper. There is support for iOS, Amazon's Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Each sales network costs around US $ 10, depending on the country, and consumes only 0.3 W when in standby mode. The maximum output power varies by model, so be sure to check it before putting the entire Christmas display on it. After the holidays you will be able to connect this outlet to a coffee machine, mood lights and other small appliances or electronics.

I looked around a few Ikea international stores and found sales outlets in these countries:

Probably there are more countries where you can get them, so be sure to check your local location.