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Latest News from the British Space Agency: Plans to Create the First European Space Portal "Important" | UK | News

The government has so far promised to put satellites in the universe of Britain, recently signing a contract with Virgin Orbit to begin building objects. However, the United States Space Agency has now acknowledged that it has compiled a plan that will offer a sundial spacecraft in the universe. As the Telegraph writes, the space port is intended for Cornwall and Scottish Mountains.

The reports indicate Virgin Galactic is the most likely candidate for tourists outside the Earth's atmosphere.

There, he will experience the unproblematic state and see the Earth's curve.

British astronaut Tim Peake believes Britain was "incredibly important" to lead the way to space tourism, as the time between London and Australia could be 90 minutes.

He said, "For Britain to be the first space port in Europe to be able to offer this service because we have legislation because we have solved our infrastructure, which will be huge.

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– It's a very exciting time now. Space tourism can be subjected to some criticisms as richer sports, but so many things start in life, so the aviation began.

"What today can be considered as a costly nonsense can actually become a very effective means of transport today.

"If you expand the Virgin Galactic principle of sub-orbital flight and improve your vehicle and increase endurance, you could make London-Sydney an hour and a half on a sub-orbital path."

The Virgin Galactic operation differs from companies such as SpaceX, who plan to take tourists into space.

Virgin's plan includes a horizontal run.

Andrew Kuh, the head of space travel policy at the UK Space Agency, said: "The 2018 Space Law Law has already established a legal framework and we are now working on regulations that will enable sub-orbital flights in the universe.

"We have a lot of history in creating space satellites, but this is a completely different challenge and we have to evaluate security in a different environment. But we hope that we will have the right rules to be able to launch from Britain.

"There are a few places that are already interested in it, and the role of the government is to ensure that this is happening safely."

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