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Liverpool FC tickets for scammers & # 39; with mum battling cancer whose dream was to watch Derby

The cancer that fought with mum, whose dream was to look at the Merseyside Derby in Anfield this weekend, remained heartbroken after calling it a scammer card.

Kerry Shields, 45, from Down, was planning an excursion to Liverpool to celebrate the end of a hefty cancer treatment.

However, the LFC fan remained devastated after he realized he was a victim of online scam scams.

He wants to surprise his partner, Paul Mageean, mother of four with breast cancer diagnosis in May, based the whole trip around the Sunday match between Liverpool and Everton.

Eager for an unbelievable break, Kerry has saved almost a year and found a VIP package for two advertised online for 360 pounds, Belfast Live announces.

Kerry said, "In the last year I put my money and decided to experience VIP while I was on cancer treatment and we have birthdays and Christmas for celebration.

"Paul was delighted when I told him to go and said that this was the best gift anyone ever got."

Whatsapp messages have been altered between Kerry and the vendor

The couple, excited about the upcoming trip, also booked a non-refundable hotel stay and ferry tickets – almost 1,000 pounds.

But Kerry quickly realized that VIP work was too good to be true, she said, "We realized that the tickets were late and when I contacted the seller, she never responded.

"I was crying all the time when I realized that all this was fake.

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"The worst is that we booked the ferry and hotel so we spent almost 1,000 pounds."

Kerry said she had learned from then that the shooter turned her with an identity stolen from the other victim.

She said: "He really built trust and said he would leave the tickets 10 days before the game.

"I never thought I would fall for something like that, but every time I wondered if it was real, it was really convincing.

"It was so elaborate, we got along with each other, sent me a copy of my passport and a link to my Facebook profile.

"There were so many tickets available online, I can not believe I went to the scum."

Due to large amounts of money, Kerry and Paul have reluctantly decided to continue the journey.

Kerry added: "We are terribly afraid to be in town when the game is on. If someone has tickets, please let me know."

Liverpool Football Club President Peter Moore said: "Behind the scenes we are extremely hard to try to eradicate tickets to protect our supporters from capturing fake or unofficial tickets.

"One way to help you immediately is stop buying tickets from unofficial sources.

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"We will continue this business and look forward to new ways to help stop this illegal trade."

PSNI spokeswoman said: "The police have received a report of suspected fraud about selling and paying the ticket yesterday about 3 o'clock yesterday (November 29th).

"The inquiries in the incident last."

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