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Megan McKenna has torn the apartment of ex Muggya Mica during the flaming line and PUNK it

Megan McKenna leaves Seksi riba u Mayfairu Image: Megan McKenna Ref: SPL5023737 130918 NON-EKSKLUZIVNA Slika: Hewitt / Splash vijesti i slike Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 0207 644 7656 Milan: +39 02 4399 8577 Sydney: +61 02 9240 7700 World Law,   Megan McKenna is charged with kicking Muggy Mike

Harassment Megan McKenna has raised his bad times and times in the past.

The audience witnessed 26-year eruptions at several exhibitions, including The One Way Is Essex, Ex on the Beach and Big Brother when it hit the Diary Room camera violently.

Now, singer Wannabe is accused of "breaking" her home with Mike Thalassitis during a huge argument.

Megan McKennaMegan McKenna and Mike dated for several months [Wenn]

Source just said OK! online: "It was bullshit. Mike and Megan were just dated for a bit, but they broke up several times.

"We were all back to his place to have a drink and she just left.

"None of us were surprised to argue, because we saw them in the past arguing with stupid things.

Megan McKenna screams Pete Wicks after discovering she's writing to other girls 'The Only Way Is Marbs'. Transfer to ITVB By: Megan McKenna, Pete Wicks When: October 12, 2016 Credit: Delivers WENN ** WENN does not claim any property, including but not limited to copyright, license in the enclosed material. Fees WENN charges are only for WENN services, nor do they intend, transfer to the user any ownership of the copyright, a license in the material. By posting this nutsMegan had an unstable relationship with former boyfriend Pete Wicks

"But this time she left, and Mike told her to rest and calm down, but she lost her right and smashed her flat-screen TV and a lot of stuff in her apartment and repeatedly struck him."

Insider continued: "She was like a hurricane, throwing things around and throwing them down.

"To be honest, violence and anger were all surprised because we saw that this had happened on TV, as it used to be at Pete on TOWIE.

Megan McKenna does not make sense to be angry in front of the camera Megan McKenna does not make sense to be angry in front of the camera

"But to see her go from zero to 100, she was angry I can not really remember what the argument was, but Mike was devastated and confused. We all felt sorry for him and told him he had to quit the relationship .

"But I actually think they broke that night, and then they came back together and then stopped again."

The source added, "Megan will try to destroy Mike's reputation." She said she would destroy it and finish her career. "

Megan McKenna is furious Former TOWIE star has left reality TV for singing career [ITVBe]

Mike, 25, was contacted for comment OK! online but refused.

However, close friend Muggy Mike said, "He's upset and heartbroken, he's actually made a number.

Megan's attorney stated that he "completely denied these allegations".

Mike and Megan shared after seven months of dating and told The Sun: "She's not my Megs anymore. It's over last night.

"There is no return, I gave it to her and it was not enough, now I work, I'm happy.

"I do not know what has a future, but I do not get much hope, so you can continue to try it when it does not work.

"You have to do what makes you happy."

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