Monday , May 17 2021

Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro 2019 review

The AMG GT R Pro is a roadmap for Mercedes-AMG's expertise in car-based sports production. It exists for only one purpose: so a small number of good-looking owners can drive to the race track, spend a lot of joyful hours while overlapping the circuit and clinging to clutches between sessions and then returning home at the end of the day, This is a car that should be used as intended, and do not let it collect dust in air-lock lock somewhere.

The drive is unchanged compared to the GT R. Pro uses the exact same 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that develops 577bhp and 516lb ft of torque. The drive moves backwards through the transaxle with the seven-speed transmission with twin clutch. The Mercedes-AMG reports a time of 0-62mph for 3.6 seconds and a maximum speed of 198 km / h.

How is that?

Tight, responsive, turn-key and extremely well-controlled. As this uncompromising chassis adjustment will solve the uneven public road, no one can assume it, because we have just tried a car on Hockenheim's straight and smooth circle for now.

What's interesting about the GT R is that it is quite firm and unbreakable on the road, but then it's only a bit loosely controlled and indecisive on the road. This new Pro model looks at almost every criticism of the track we're focusing on at GT R because it feels like home. There is a small body wheel that allows you to feel the grip on the outside of the car, but otherwise the Pro is attached to the track surface. As soon as the front axle is locked in the bend, the car takes the set as if it dropped into the groove and then went through the corner. There is no hesitation or sudden upsurge that could make the GT R wild ride, just instantaneous and precise answers.

The steering wheel is rather light but intuitive, as the brakes showed no signs of fading during a fast four-speed limit. What counts with the GT R Pro is its pure size because the front axle feels so far ahead of you and the nose of cars in the other county. And it's wide, meaning there's a significant time to get to know when you find out where the cars are. And despite the efforts to save Pro's weight, 1575kg is still a significant amount of weight for the trackday machine.

It is an absorbing and exciting car for tracking. Being able to play with his chassis settings adds another dimension to trackday and lets you play the fantasy of your engineer. However, it is not particularly difficult to drive fast, nor is it intimidating. Everything that comes from entering the cooked corner is a foreseeable and sure move of the front axle. Thanks to the transaxle layout and the electrically controlled LSD, there is a good pulling force, though with so much power on the tap, it is easily overcome with a generous right foot rest. And here is the multistage slip control system that first appeared on the GT R, which means that you can find the exact setting for the particular circuit and the conditions per day for safety to be matched with playability.

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