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Microsoft Office 365 Icons Are Updated With New Design To Reflect Cloud-Based Approach

Microsoft announced new, redesigned icons for all Office 365 applications Thursday that would reflect a modern, real-time approach to the Redmond cloud. The company has announced that redesigned Office icons come as part of its focus on pushing Office as a collaborative platforms platform that enables users to access products in real-time from any device anywhere. New icons are set for Office 365 applications, including Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, Skype, and Yammer.

To remember, the application icons in Microsoft Office 365 were last redesigned in 2013 when the technology giant has still largely focused on its traditional products. However, now with cloud and business access, Microsoft has announced a visual redesign of its icons to reflect that.

"Color differentiates apps and creates personality, and for the new icon we have chosen a shade of hierarchy, lighter and more friendly – nodding head as Office developed," said Jon Friedman, Microsoft Office Design Manager in a blog on Thursday. Friedman states that while each icon has a "unique and recognizable symbol," all are connected to form a collective pack.

One of the most significant changes in the new icons is that the letter and the symbol are separated by creating two panels instead of one. It adds depth to the design of the icon, helping in possible future 3D implementation. The Microsoft Word document box and spreadsheet scheme in Excel make the way for text lines in the Word and Single Word icons in the Excel icon.

Finally, Microsoft has changed the font-to-symbol ratio to emphasize the font instead of the letters in each Office 365 application icon. New icons will begin appearing on platforms in the next few months, and the mobile and the web will begin. This development does not bring any functional updates to any of the Office 365 applications.

In June this year, Microsoft announced some design changes for the Office 365 package, including a simplified ribbon command, easy icon change and color schemes, and improved search functionality.

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