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Minor kills his brother because he does not let him play PUBG – Game Rant

Reported that a 15-year-old minor in India killed his older brother after playing conflict Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown, According to ZeeNews, boy's 19-year-old brother, Mohammad Shaikh, remarried this morning for playing Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown on the phone, and asked the boy to stop playing.

Instead of pushing the game, the younger brother allegedly attacked the sheik, hitting his head on the wall several times and repeatedly snatched it with scissors. After the police came to the scene, Muhammad was sent to a hospital where he was suffering from his wounds and passed away.

According to news from India, the police opened the case of the murder of a younger brother. Given what has been reported so far, it looks like a pretty simple case, and absolutely tragic.

Updating the lobby for Battlefields PlayerUnknown

The game was already banned in some parts of India because of its addictive nature, and printing houses such as the Navbharat Times state that "many children lost their mental balance" because of the game. This year the World Health Organization officially gave green light to declare the addiction to video game illness, and that is what feels all over the world: many children who are sent to rehabilitation Fortnite, the newer viral video showed that the Indian groom refused to stop playing Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown on their own wedding.

For parents, it's important to control the timing of your baby's display, especially with many free games that encourage users to stay up to date throughout the day. Although full details of controversy between the juvenile and his brother are yet to be revealed, the tragedy is that one hope can be avoided by an earlier intervention.

This is not the first killing on video games that will take place in June, as last week's video-game-selling and shooting at Detroit resulted in at least one mortal case, and a week before that, the 11-year-old North Carolina kidnapped to use a machete to defend himself from the thieves in video games.

Source: ZeeNews

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