Monday , May 17 2021

PS5 2019 update: Sony plans a major PS Plus change with PlayStation 5 release date? | Games | Fun

Recent reports indicate that PS5 will be released this year by Sony and that the technology giant is also planning a new premium version of the PS Plus subscription service.

It would allegedly be PS5, but it would also play a role in increasing revenue for the PlayStation Network ecosystem.

A new report, via the Next segment, comes from an "EU-based developer" that claims to know a lot about the next generation device.

From what has been shared so far, PS Plus Premium will include guaranteed early access to games as well as providing a private server for the user.

However, it is unclear what these features would unlock for the average player and with which he would be compatible.

There is also a question of price, which is an important part of the information that is not shared by the insider.

This new service will be launched in parallel with the existing PlayStation Plus service, meaning that fans do not need to upgrade.

And this is important because the "Premium" service will no doubt cost more for use.

There is no mention of additional use when it comes to other Sony services, meaning there are no big PS Vue or PlayStation Now packages.

It has also been announced that Sony PlayStation will release its new console in 2019, probably before E3 2019.

There was a lot of rumors that such a thing might happen without any solid news from Sony.

The PS5 release date will be set for 2020, although it is unclear whether it will be in March or November, as the date has not yet been completed.

Specifications and statistics for the new console are also listed and appear to be lists that we hope will be fans.

Things like backward compatibility and new upgraded PSVR headphones are also mentioned, which will undoubtedly be popular.

However, like all that we have been reading about PS5 lately, this should be taken with a large amount of salt.

There is no possibility for this new information, which is shared over the web, anonymously validated.

So fans will have to wait and see whether announcement of PlayStation 5 will take place in the coming months.

A very detailed post takes place against some of the recent information shared by trusted media sources, such as Kotakuov Jason Schreier.

In a recent post, he discovered that knowledge of the new generation console is still very limited and that the console will come to the shelves in 2020.

"Look, as I talked about about March 2018 (on this subject), the next gen comes to 2020," Schreier shared on Reset Era.

"This semi-circular article about 2018 (lol) has hope for 2019, but now I hope it's clear that the PS5 will not come out this fall.

"And despite all rumors that they are devastated (mostly of those who voice voices more often than not), the number of people informed about the next generation is still very limited. Even within companies like, say, DICE, there will be a small team of engineers who now have a rough idea of ​​specifications, and everyone else will know when they need to know. There are currently no many transmitters available to the next generation.

In other words, still do not expect much on the road to significant leakage.

"The only thing we know is that both Sony and Microsoft are targeting more than the" 10.7 teraflops "number that Google released last week."

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