Thursday , February 25 2021

Ray J denied leaking Kim Kardashian sex secrets and fire back: Tweet – Hollywood life

Ray J finally agrees with Kim Kardashian's intimate details about his sexual life while they were in touch! I, NIJE Sretan! After Kim was named a liar, Ray J was released this one fire reply!

Ray J, 37, says he is not the one who expressed sexual details about it Kim Kardashian, 38, at a London party. "I've never been to this day – I'm focused on my baby and my wife! Pls stop me trying to crash," rapper Tweeted, along with a report that his first person dropped his mouth on November 1st. His response comes after Kim has captured the news of news and tweeted that he is a "pathologic liar".

Ray J's tweet also comes after his wife, Princess of love, he obviously put in his two cents on the drama. "Why do you talk about her [Kim], and they are both married, "he admitted to the tweeter, to which he was affirmed, love affection," I try to establish the same thing. "The love comment has since been erased and welcomed a baby girl with Ray J in May.

Things woke up among former people after a report claiming that Ray J spilled tea on his sex life at the London party on November 1st. Reper, as reported, promotes his new single "Right On Time". "Kim and I had some fun time, a marathon session, but she did not like to sweat and stop making makeup if she did, she wanted to watch the drug during sex, right lighting, and mood," she said.

Among the alleged allegations that Kim would order pizza during their ties, Cristal would cool down to 22 degrees and would always stop answering the phone when Mom Kris Jenner called. The report also claimed that Ray J says that Kim had a "red Louis Vuitton boot of sexual toys" and spent about $ 100,000 on footwear.

"RayJ constantly reveals all these intimate details about it @Kim Kardashianshows that suffering from low self-esteem! I hope so Kanye [[[[West]ignores the ass, "wrote aphan in a tweet, November 4, which caught Kim's attention." Or shows that he is a pathologic liar, do you really believe in this story? That's too funny for me! "Kim replied, along with three laughs of Emoji.

Kim and Ray J were in touch with 2003-2006. After their division, Kim finally got off with Kanye West, with whom she had three children. Ray J married Princess Love in 2016.

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