Sunday , June 20 2021

Samsung will accept a notorious comma, but the Galaxy S10 might not get one – BGR

Samsung unveiled the Infinity Flex screen of the Galaxy F during the SDC18 keynote on Wednesday, but it is not the only new hardware that the company showed us during the event. Now we know that Samsung will embrace the notorious iPhone X comma, something that is being avoided for more than a year. But that does not mean that the upcoming Galaxy S10 flag will have a slice, and details from Samsung's presentation offer us a good reason to get excited about the narrow design of the future.

Samsung has discovered a bunch of screens that will soon be part of the Infinity family, not Infinity Flex for foldables. These are Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O and New Infinity. These marketing terms mean nothing without some visual guidelines. So here is the image that Samsung shares on stage, via Android police:

Image Source: Android Police

As you can see, two of the four Infinitys are shown above the U-shaped and U-shaped camera bezel. The third screen has a O-shaped hole, a screen style that has recently teased the screen design, and is expected to be seen in the Galaxy S10. The top of the screen will look like this:

Image Source: Benjamin Geskin, Twitter

But then on the right is the New Infinity screen that does not have any frame at its top. It is unclear when this new infinite display will start, but it certainly looks like a kind of expensive screen you would expect from leading devices. A type of display that should not have openings or apertures for camera and sensor location. This is a kind of display that will include various elements, including the front speaker and camera, under the glass. Samsung has already made a screen that performs sound through the screen through the bones, so, of course, Samsung is now researching the speaker setup underneath the screen. However, hiding the camera under the screen may be more trickier.

Samsung did not show the full screens in the picture above, but I suppose the Infinity screens did not have the bottom. That is, I hope Samsung will simultaneously remove the upper and lower edges, just like Apple, instead of going to a copy of the copy. Most of the iPhone X clones have the bottom of the frame.

Keeping this in mind, the question is, did Samsung fine-tune the technology for creating new Infinity screens for the Galaxy S10? Or will the Galaxy S10 have a small frame on top? Perhaps the hole in Infinity O, as shown in the top marks?

Cheaper Galaxy phones in 2019 can pack Infinity U and V screens, and the more expensive mid-range and high-end headset can receive Infinity O and New Infinity screens, but that's just my speculation. Additionally, the technology used to create new Infinity designs will enable Samsung to offer similar designs in the future to top smartphone manufacturers, including Apple and Google. After all, the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and Pixel 3 XL all have OLED screens made by the Samsung Display.

Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGR

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