Monday , July 26 2021

Strong rain and strong winds of warning for southern Wales

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Met Office

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Wednesday's warning is for heavy rain

Office Met has issued two serious warnings about the time likely to affect South Wales on Wednesday and Friday.

The yellow warning is Wednesday for heavy rain and is valid from 00:15 to 12:00.

The yellow warning for Met Office is Friday for rainy and strong winds and runs from 09:00 to 21:00.

He says both warnings have an impact on the time of travel and the possibility of some floods.

On Wednesday, a wide 15-25 mm rainfall is expected with a total of 40-60 mm above some hills.

"Some intense rain cracks, like fall fall, block drains, increase likelihood of impact," says Met.

Flooding "a few" houses and business entities is probably spraying and surface water that causes the road and rail to lag.

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Met Office

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Friday's warning to heavy rain and strong winds covers a small area less.

The warning to Friday is another heavy rain band moving eastward during the day.

The rain will be accompanied by strong winds with a 50 km / h impact on the interior, and perhaps 60 km / h on some shores.

Met says the coastal route, the sea front, and the coastal community will be affected by spray and high waves.

Yellow is the lowest of three categories of Met Office alerts, including both amber and red.

Amber and Yellow are based on probabilities and possible influences while red means a dangerous time is expected.

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