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Sunshine STORY AVAILABLE: Experts for space time alert to the & # 39; BIG ONE & # 39; on the road to Earth SUTRA | Science | News

On the surface of the sun the upper atmosphere is opened a massive hole that releases the cosmic ray barrier. Researchers say the upcoming storm is the result of the upcoming solar minimum. The sun follows the cycles of about 11 years, where it reaches the solar maximum and then the solar minimum.

During the solar peak, the sun releases more heat and is full of sunshine. Less heat in the solar minimum is a consequence of the decrease in magnetic waves.

However, before the solar minimum begins, the sun usually releases mega solar torches that are released into a deep space.

This hole in the sun is open for the first time in the summer of 2018, and since then the Earth has been radiated by cosmic radiation.

Cosmic weather forecasting website The space time said, "During the minimum solar radiation, long-lasting holes open in the sun, releasing the sun's winds into the universe. One of these holes is now facing the Earth, and it's great.

– We've seen this hole already. It opened in the summer of 2018 and swirled until the sun turned, throwing Earth on the solar wind approximately once a month.

"The solar wind will return on January 31 or (more likely) on February 1."

Storm is classified as G-1, which means it will probably cause aurora in the northern or southern hemisphere – depending on where it is located.

Although this solar storm will not be completed by civilization, Met Office has warned that we will face a monumental solar storm in the future, which could break out of British technology and stand Britain's nearly 16 billion pounds of compensation.

The earth could be turned into darkening because it is not well prepared for strong solar storms, the minister of public relations told ministers.

The weather predictor estimates that Britain does not have enough infrastructure to prepare such an event.

The Met Office researcher said: "We believe that a one-to-100-year event, with no possibility of predicting space time, gross domestic product loss for the United Kingdom could amount to as much as £ 15.9 billion.

"Since existing satellites are approaching the end of their lifespan, forecasting capabilities will be reduced in the coming years, so that if there is no further investment, the critical infrastructure will become more sensitive to space time."

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