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The BBC is forced to deny the hiring of a fake vicar & # 39; to praise Brexit's Theresa May's offer at Newsnight

The BBC was forced to deny actress hiring in order to present as a vicar who praised Brexit's agreement with Theresa May during the debate on Newsnight.

Some viewers recognized Lynn Hayter, who appeared in the dog collar while discussing plans, from a series of minor acting roles.

However, the television company forbade her being engaged in acting capacity on Thursday night for her leading political program.

The program statement said, "The claims that Lynn appeared on Newsnight as a paid actor are false.

Lynn Hayter appears on the BBC Newsnight

"Lynn was a pastor and was a true participant in our discussion of Brexit. She does the job as a supplement using her middle name, but this is not essential to the ability she has appeared."

Worker Andrew Adonis was one of those who commented on the so-called "Vicargate" incident on Twitter and said, "Does Newsnight pay for panelists – or agencies that recruit them? The key question in this growing fake pastoral scandal."

He also asked if he could refer to BBC Radio 4 if he wore a dog caller and says he was a pastor.

However, she warned journalist Emily Maitlis, who said, "Andrew, do not become a trader with false news, not at this time of the day, not when we need our parliamentarians to be better and more reliable than ever.

"There has been a place where you can choose to believe it's enough to write – it's deeply worrisome."

Others criticized the situation, plotting the BBC for "propaganda", while others compared the television program "The Thick of It" with satirical politics.

Head of Emily Maitlis rejected requests (PA)

In the discussion, Mrs. Hayter describes it as "conservative born and bred throughout her life" and said she would "return to May's premiere."

She said, "It will be hard for everyone. It will be a rocky boat, but we just have to sit down and put our faith in the government that we have chosen and put faith in the vote we voted for because of Brexit."

Mrs Hayter, whose middle name, Marina, has online acting profiles and describes itself as "more than 25 years in business".

She has credits in movies including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as bar tenders, and in Eastenders.

As for her religious credentials, she says she is a member of the church of Seeds for Wealth.

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