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The office introduces new machine learning, AI features and more for November

Microsoft has already introduced a number of practical features for Office 365 in November, but ended up in the month so that the chips are even more. In a blog post at Microsoft 365 today, Microsoft has described in detail some new features for AI and machine learning, and more, which are either currently available in their Office applications or are set to go in the coming weeks.

The first improvement for Word that allows the application to track past and collaborate with others. Available today for review and will soon be available for all Office 365 subscribers, Word will now use a small amount of AI magic to recognize documents and track them. All you have to do is write an item like "THIS: Complete this section" or "<" to get started.

Additionally, you can enter the other, and Word will send them with the notification and link to that place in the document.

On the topic of tasks that need to be done, Outlook on the Web also takes over the integration with Microsoft To-Do. You can create menus directly in the Tasks pane, or simply drag and drop the email in the pane to schedule it. Tasks will then be synced with the Required app wherever you are using it. This will start dating Outlook on the web in December.

PowerPoint also gets some practical features to consider. The new editorial feature uses machine learning to suggest editing for unpleasant choice of words and inaccurate grammar. Meanwhile, Microsoft Forms is now integrated with PowerPointe in Office 365, which will enable representatives to provide feedback from the audience members with forms and quizzes in real-time.

These are the main bits that come in Office applications now or in the near future, but you can find all the details about Microsoft's full blog. The new features also comes to the fifth Microsoft Office 365 upgrade icon, which will be placed in the coming months.

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