Tuesday , January 26 2021

Trial Democrats Trump Action on AT & T, Amazon.com -…

David Shepardson and Sarah N. Lynch

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11 (Reuters) – When Democrats take control of the US home, they plan to investigate Trump's administration's decision to try to block AT & T Inc. from acquiring Time Warner and whether officials have tried to punish Amazon.com Inc prodding US Post Office increases shipping prices for the world's largest electronic commerce company, said a senior Democrat on Sunday.

Talking to the Axios online edition, representative Adam Schiff, expected to be the incoming chairman of the House of Commons, said the Democrats would consider whether Trump would try to punish large companies with "governmental instruments to punish the press."

CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, while funds from Time Warner CNN. Trump often congested both places due to his critical coverage of his administration.

"It is our responsibility to know very clearly," Axios told an interview that will broadcast on Sunday at HBO.

Schiff said that Trump secretly met the postmodern in an attempt to count the commander to raise postal tariffs at the Amazon … This looks like the President's effort to use state power instruments to punish Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post, "Schiff said.

Trump repeatedly complained Amazon did not pay American Postal Service a fair delivery rate for the package. Trump, without giving any evidence, said it costs billions of US taxpayers, and he threatened to increase the company's postal price.

Trump opposed AT & T-Time Warner's joining as a candidate and repeatedly attacked CNN, and last week suspended CNN journalist White House press was suspended.

Schiff also said, "We do not know, for example, whether the efforts to keep CNN's parents tied together were anxious about antitrust relationships or was just an effort to punish CNN."

The Justice Ministry calls on the Federal Judge to approve AT & T $ 85.4 billion to acquire Time Warner.

AT & T spokeswoman and spokesperson for Amazon.com did not comment on Sunday.

Representative Elijah Cummings, the expected president of the House of Commons and the Government Reform Committee, said the commission could "want to look" if the White House had been sued by Amazons and AT & T.

He also said at ABC's "This Week" that he intends to investigate Trump's administration in many areas, including whether Trump might have violated the US Constitution Cost Compensation Clause and other possible conflicts of interest, such as whether Trump kills plans for re-place the new headquarters of the Federal Investigation Bureau because this could harm his business interests at Trump Hotel across the street. (Reporting by David Shepardson, Editing Andrea Ricci)

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