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Update injury Yassera Laroucija – Liverpool FC

Jürgen Klopp hopes that Yasser Larouci's injury to Seville will not be as serious as he feared for the first time he turned the left bank.

Larouci were forced to a substitution as Fenway Park could not continue playing due to the rough treatment, forcing Joris Gnagnon to come in from the sidelines.

The 18-year-old girl will now need further evaluation.

"[It’s] too early in the season to create headlines that tell the things I'm thinking of about the situation, "Klopp told a press conference after the match.

"Let me tell you how the situation is with Yasser; it seems he was lucky, but of course, as always with these things, we have to wait a bit. He could not continue to play, so this was not the first good sign, but it was OK in the dressing room, similar to what Harry looks like [Wilson].

Harry knocked on his jaw and finger in the eye so it was not too cool. It should also be fine but could not continue. That's the situation.

Asked for details of Larouci injury, Klopp added, "He hit him with a full throttle and, at that point, [if it was] a slightly different position in which he hit it, then it's over. He was rolling … he was a sports boy and that was all right, there was nothing wrong with that.

"I do not know 100 percent. It seems he was lucky, but I spoke to the doctor quickly and that's what he said, but we have to see."

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