Monday , September 16 2019
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Vaseline labeled "miraculous cure" by people suffering from feverish fever

With the rise in temperature throughout the country, the number of pollen has increased this week.

And there is nothing like the flow of eyes and constant sneezing to put the silencer in the summer.

But now it seems that people suffering from feverish fever have discovered a new drug – and you probably got something hidden in the bathroom closet.

Sneezy hospitals have declared petrolatum on Twitter as this year's ultimate weapon against feverish fever.

Some have even claimed that it is far more effective than antihistamines, which can leave a feeling of drowsiness and fatigue.

How does it work

All you have to do is apply a layer of vaseline around the inside of your nostrils as much as possible.

Yes, that might look – and even feel – a bit weird, but if it stops nose leakage and constant sneezing, we will try.


Twitter users were vocal in their enjoyment of this simple drug.

But you may look a little weird if you try it in your eyes …


Faced with this, as far as drugs are concerned, it is far less painful than rubbing the tangible cops on themselves.

Although gin as a cure for a feverish fever, it is still our favorite of all!

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