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We are justified; plants can not cure AIDS – the Commission

General News for Thursday, May 16, 2019

Source: Myjoyonline.com


KEEREMEH ATUAHENEKyeremeh Atuahene urges the media to stop lying claims to advertise on their networks

The AIDS AIDS Commission in Ghana has stated that its claim that the disease has no known drug, despite the claims of some plant practitioners, is justified.

According to the General Director of the Commission, many AIDS victims would be alive if they were not under the wrong assumption that herbal treatment was better than approved antiretroviral drugs.

At least now we know the truth is what the AIDS Commission says. We have confirmed that plant medicine can not cure AIDS, "said Mr. Steve Kyeremeh Atuahene on Thursday in the morning salon Joy FM.

Mr. Atuahene spoke on the back of the latest documentary film "Joy News", "Pills and Herbs".

The emotional documentary broadcast on Thursday, May 16, is about two AIDS patients. The media adverted them to leave their antiretroviral medicines to treat plants. One has long been dead and buried. The other is paralyzed and attached to the wheelchair.

He broke his narrative, Mr Atuahene complained to the plant industry with great potential that had not yet been regulated.

"Regulators do not do what they have to do. There is evidence that people are dying because regulators do not work, "he pointed out.

But the problem is worse than that.

According to Mr Atuahene, media that should be a "security agency" have allowed "false claims to put their ads on their networks". They always beat people and kill them at the end of the day.

By enhancing the Commission's campaign to have no AIDS drug, he said antiretroviral medications help keep a person alive and in a healthy state. The drugs are free.

New HIV infections in Ghana reached alarming 70.15% in just one year. The number increased from 12,000 new infections in 2015 to 20,148 in 2016.

The increase in new infections is worrying. Ghana has made significant progress in key target areas of HIV / AIDS abolition over five years.

The data are contained in the National AIDS Program Report. The 2018 report also shows that the region of Volta and the region of Brong Ahafo is at the top of the prevalence chart of HIV / AIDS. Newspaper Finder reported.

Responding to the allegations that the AIDS Commission in Ghana has fallen after exhausting their donor funds, Mr. Steve Kyeremeh Atuahene said they did not. According to him, their effectiveness is evident in the fact that it is difficult to identify people who have more AIDS symptoms.

"The government did not fall asleep," he claims.

However, he expressed the media's passionate appeal to support them. According to him, their media campaigns are very inadequate.

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