President Donald Trump presented a series of inaccurate, controversial remarks at a press conference Wednesday after a high school election, which saw Republicans retaining control over the Senate, but lost the majority in the House of Representatives Democrats.

Here are some of the most controversial, colorful or controversial moments:

In contravention of CNN's Jim Acatom

President in clash with CNN Jim Acatom, when the reporter repeatedly tried to ask the question of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

"It's enough," Trump repeated.

When the White House stationed an attempt to take over the microphone from Acoste, he returned it back.

"I'm not worried about anything with the investigation of Russia because it's a scam," Trump said, abandoning Acostino's question. "That's enough. Put down the handset."

At one point, Trump left the speaker to criticize Acosta.

"I'm telling you, CNN should be embarrassed about yourself, because you're doing it for them," said the president, running his finger at Acosta. "You're a rude, terrible person, you should not work for CNN."

In response to one of the previous Acostin questions that trigger Trump to call the central US caravan invasion, the president replied: "Honestly, I think you should let me start the earth, run CNN, and if you do it well, you will be rating he was much better. "

"It's a racist question"

When Piche NewsHour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor asked if Trump's statement that "nationalist" was encouraging white nationalists across the country, Trump responded:

"Why am I among the highest number of African Americans?" I honestly think I know you wrote it and you will tell me. Let me tell you that's a racist question. "

On Lil Jon

When Yahoo! Reporter News asked Trump about allegations that he had previously used the N-word and that former star and rapper "Celebrity Apprentice & # 39; Lil Jon told him Trump called "Uncle Tom", Trump replied that he did not know Lil Jon.

The rapporteur reminded the president that Lil Jon was on Apprentice, NBC showed Trump has been performing for more than a decade.

"I do not use racist remarks, and you know what if I was a people you knew about it." I hear there are tapes for years and years, "Trump said.


Twitter had a field day after Trump banned the "Celebrity Apprentice" Lil Jon competitor at the press conference for post-midterms.

& # 39; I dropped Jeff Flake & # 39;

Asked by journalists whether retirements among Republican lawmakers would hurt a party in the middle quarters, Trump said retirement of Senj Jeff Flake, R-Arizona, as a positive development.

Trump: "In the case of Jeff Flake, I'm clean and simple, I pulled him out, I'm very proud of it, I've done great service in the land."

"Mike, are you going to be my trading spouse?"

More surprise than controversial, but at one point Trump asked Vice President Mike Pence when the reporter asked the president if he would keep Pence as his fugitive in 2020.

"Well, I did not ask him, but I hope," Trump said.

"Where are you?" Trump asked as he looked around East Rome.

Pence, sitting on Trump's left side, mahnule.

"Mike, will you be my runner?" Ask Trump. "Get up, Mike, please raise your right hand, no, I'm just joking."

Pence nodded his consent.

All right, okay, "Trump said. "The answer is yes.

& # 39; Hello Shinzo & # 39;

Before a reporter from Japan could leave the store, Trump pushed him back and asked, "Where do you come from, please?"

"Japan," the reporter answered.

"Greet Shinz," Trump said, referring to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. "I'm sure he is happy with the tariff on his cars."

As the journalist continued with his question, Trump said he could not understand it.

Trump said that Abe is one of those people with whom he is "closest", "but I still tell him that Japan does not treat the United States fair trade."

"They send millions of cars at very low taxes, do not take our cars, and if they have, they have a huge tax on cars. And I do not blame Japan, I blame the people who were in charge of the United States because they allowed it.

About discovering his tax returns

Asked if it blocked the potential democratic investigation of its tax returns, Trump said they were already under review and "people would not understand."

He said the audit was over, he would "have an open mind" for tax returns.

"But that's great, and it's complex and probably a high rate. It's a very complex instrument," Trump said on tax audit. "And I think people would not understand it."

& # 39; War Keeping & # 39;

Asked if he could work with democrats, even if they began to investigate, Trump fired back: "No, if it does, then it's all – it's a war posture." He then suggested that he could start exploring democracies. "I think I know more than they know," he said.

About the future of Mueller's probes

Asked if he would end the investigation of Roberta Mueller's special agent in charges that Trump's collision with Russia was interrupted by the presidential election in 2016, Trump said, "I could finish it whenever I wanted, no, there was no agreement, nothing was there. "

When they reconsidered the Russian probe, Trump said it was a "shame" and "embarrassment" for the country and suggested him stop and "get in on everyone right away".

"But I do not want to stop it, because politically, I do not like to stop it," Trump said.

"I let it just go on," he said. "You waste a lot of money, but I do, because I do not want to do it, but you're right, I could finish it right away, I might say," This investigation is over. ' "

When voting, suppress voters

Rapporteurs raised questions about suppressing voters during the mid-term elections. "Well, I'll give you a vote suppression," Trump said. "Look at the CNN polls, how wrong they are. It's called suppression of voters."


Trump said the people who spoke of the recall were "sick" and had a "very warm conversation" on Tuesday with congressman Nancy Pelosi, probably a candidate for the chairman of the house, and not discussing charges with him.

"What are you doing, do you have someone because of the greatest economic success in the history of our country?" Said Trump, "we ask him because the country is so successful, let him go."

& # 39; Such an Enemy Media & # 39;

"Sit down, please sit down!" Trump talked to journalist April Ryan who tried to ask the question but did not have a microphone.

"Excuse me," Trump said. "I do not answer you." When Ryan persisted, Trump asked again to sit down. "Very hostile, such an enemy medium," he said. "It's so sad."

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