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13 ideas for easy and on-the-go meals and how to keep them properly

Here at TFD, we know what it is like to be limited in time. No matter how productive or ruthless we are with our calendar planning, we can all use one hour or two more to do whatever we want or need. This problem is made even worse in a culture like ours that puts pressure on people to be always busy (if you do not work from the sun at sunset, are you really working at maximum potential?), Leaving us drained and without the energy or the ability to do things outside of our jobs that are good for our well-being – how to make a home-cooked meal. It is not a difficult situation to do, but sometimes it is inevitable depending on the type of career you are carrying or if you are a parent with a small (or more) to look after.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around a challenging program. If you are constantly on the run and late, but you really want to start preparing your dishes rather than relying on food purchased at the store, look no further than this story of Brittany of Pennies to Pearls. Here she shares some quick and easy dishes that you will love (whether you are a mother or not) – as well as some advice on how to keep them fresh and tasty for as long as possible.

Any other Pearl mom out there who feels she's always in need of easy-to-take ideas? No matter what time of year it seems to be, it's always a good idea to have some dinner ideas at your fingertips. In the summer, your days and nights are full of fun activities without time to sit down at the table. The autumn is full of back to school events that make you feel like a busy Uber driver. The winter is full of parties. Spring leaves zero time to keep the family still for dinner.

I suppose your family is similar to ours, which always goes around the movies in the park, bonfires on the beach, school meetings, last minute camping trips, sports training or anything that requires a fast and mobile meal. Your budget can be quickly shattered without ingredients on hand for some quick meals! A simple planning can save you hundreds of dollars each month by avoiding drive-thru! Here are 13 different meals to let your creative juices flow when you're running out of time the family and the children will love.

1. Hot dog

2. Tostadas

3. Casseroles

4. Packs

5. Avocado tuna with crackers

6. Cold pasta salad

7. Quesadillas

8. Burrito

9. Bagels and cream cheese

10. Sandwiches with freezer

11. Hamburger

12. Rolled tacos

13. Rice bowls

Do you wonder how you can keep these meals as fresh as possible when you travel? Here are six suggestions that I personally think are useful for the packaging and storage of food:

1. If your meals have an ingredient that can become soggy, keep the ingredients separate. Examples would be things like keeping separate hot dogs and sandwiches or separating dressings and salads.)

2. Next time you make a fast food, save all your extra seasonings in a Ziploc envelope that is easy to grab. This way you do not have to pack a whole bottle of ketchup in your bag.

3. It's easier to keep things cold than hot when you think of easy-to-take ideas. So cold dinners like salads or bagels are ideal.

4. Some meals require wrapping in foil paper. If this is the case, be sure to include a small paper towel folded into the sheet with food. The paper towel will absorb part of the condensation and keep the food soaked.

5. It is worth investing to find a really good insulation vector that will keep your food hot or cold until you reach your destination.

6. The cute grandmother of my hubby gave me this idea. He always keeps a handful of paper products in his car. A two liter Ziploc bag is perfect for storing some paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery to keep in the car. I also thought that a 12 "by 12" paper container it would work fine!

Brittany owns Pennies Into Pearls. She motivates and inspires women to make small changes in their daily lives which results in achieving life goals that they never dreamed possible! She teaches that living frugally is just a trampoline when you live the Pearl! You can find it weekly on its website and on the YouTube channel.

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