Wednesday , June 23 2021

20 do-it-yourself costumes at the last minute of Halloween

There is a shiver in the
the air, the smell of apples and cinnamon from the kitchen (or a perfume
candle) and cobwebs are cleverly draped in the gutter – it can only mean one
thing. The Halloween season is coming! There is a strong division in this party – there are "Halloween people" who wear their Jack Skellington shirt a year
around and I wonder why it took the craft shop until August 30th to start putting
out of the pumpkins and then there are the people who are closer
dressing up in costume is when they accidentally wear a red shirt and khaki for
Target. And the rest of us – most of the people they want to look at
ghostly movies or two, snack on a bit of candy and maybe set up on your own
costume, if they remember in time? To those people we say, we have creativity, fun
and easy costume suggestions that you'll need a lot better than launching at
a couple of spikes from the Dollar Store with a "shrug" and a "eh, bravo

What makes the best
last minute Halloween costume? The answer is something that you can easily
Roar from the things you already own. Raking your closet and picking up
Stray domestic art supplies (with perhaps help from some bought billboards
last minute at CVS) you will be on your way to a costume that arouses
smile and not a "wait, what should you be again?" These costumes work
for adults, children, pets … anyone who is going somewhere and hears
festive, but only slightly. They also serve as inspiration for the future Halloween
costume ideas.

Every year, I have a
at least 10 fantastic ideas for Halloween costumes on November 1stst, all of
that are completely forgotten when Halloween arrives next year.
All of a sudden it is October 30thth and I'm frantically examining what it is
already in my house that can be converted into a costume. Fortunately, looking
all the plain shirts in my closet and mentally inventing a smattering
of pop culture, I can put together 2 gnomes, 1 Daria and 1 Louise of Bob
Burger is all without sweating or planning something in advance. So go
go ahead and do your own thing and people will have no idea they have not planned
For me yes!

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