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3 Potential Markelle Fultz Crafts Sixers can make

It certainly looks like the era of Markelle Fultz in Philadelphia eventually, sooner or later, in one way or another. As disappointing as this is now, I'm sure of some perspective we will feel … even worse. Numerous pickups, along with an additional first round, everything that has passed in two years is not good.

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But this is where we have no sense to look back (unless I do not do it to condemn Bryan Colangelo, but that's another time). How did the muscles in "Who moved my cheese" learned, you do not want to be hungry wondering why cheese is no longer in the place where it is always, just want to find out where it is now.

While projections for Fultz's value are more and more places, it's fair to project that this is certainly not the "Bradley Beal" trade center. I heard everything from the "late first round" to "The Sixers will have to attach pick up to pay." Yikes. That's why I will take the best deals.

Note: Some of these trades should wait until December 15, so all players will have the right to trade.

Here's what Sixers hope to achieve in the store:

1. Do not return any winnings for 2019-20, unless the player who earns a high level player who would expect to round the start line or be a particularly valuable rotation player. As a low percentage play as a free agency, this is the greater flexibility this summer. Fultz's pay, though rookie, is in this sense insignificant. In this season he earned $ 8.3 million, and next season he will earn $ 9.7 million, with the fourth-year $ 12.28 million.

2. Get players who are useful this year and can fill the rotation that is currently small, not full of versatile wings. One of the things that hurt their defenses and the overall ability to build different lines is their lack of substitutability outside of Simmons, Butler and Chandler.


Get a contract expiring and draft a resource that a team can use so that they can have a low, controlled list-build fee – or something they can use in a store to get another rotation player at some point.

When looking for a trading partner, I mean "Sixers 2014-15". A team that uses so many login sites to try to find pieces to build a team in the future. I know that Dave (Adam) Silver will try to convince you that Sixeri is evil for this and that is no longer happening, but as usual he lies.

I warn you – if you hope for a trade that will be exciting, look elsewhere. There is no reason to believe that Fultz will bring anything exciting. No one would be wrong anymore than me on this, believe me.

Additionally, here are some trading scenarios:

1. Markelle Fultz, Justin Patton and Furkan Korkmaz in Cleveland for Alec Burks and Utah in the second round of elections for 2020

Cleveland is generally a decent situation for Fultz because they are again in post-lebron, "we suck a pretty bad and probably will for a while" way. Already at Collin Sexton they had a young protégé, but this is bad and in this mode it really has to reach as many potentially good players as much as they can regardless of their position. There is no reason why they can not share most of their minutes and make a little overlap, as Sexton did very well in his limited time as a starter.

Sixteen have already shown what they think about Korkmazu, not taking their option for the next year, because now it is becoming an unlimited free agent after the season. It would be nice to keep Patton as a potential, one-day backup to Embium, but he is now there as a salary.

In return, they get Alec Burks, who works in two ways for Sixers; First, his contract, which seems to have been a 15-year contract with Utah, expires this season. Further, while Burks will not sound for Sixers, it is certainly a worthwhile rotation site as a decent treser and a shooter of the creator. It will also pick up Utah's second round of elections in 2020, which Cavs has just arrived at Kyle Korver's store. I would rather have Cleveland's second round, but they have already been sent this year and went to the previous year in the previous year.

2. Markelle Fultz, Furkan Korkmaz, Amir Johnson and Mike Muscala in Phoenix for Trevor Ariza, Richaun Holmes and the Sun 2019 in the Second Round

The sun smells, they have no point guard, and although they might be convinced they should be pretty good, they are not. Fultz will fill the slot in the position and potentially add a solid defender to the starting line that currently has Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, the two worst defenders in the league.

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In Aries and Holmes, the Sixers fill two holes, and take zero pay for 2019-20. Ariza is a strong defender, a decent three-point assassin and defeated, something that Sixers' rotation is significantly missing. I warn you that the idea of ​​Trevor Arize is much more attractive than Arize, but he provides more on the basis of games by Muscale, Johnson or Korkmaz. Richaun Holmes is not as good as his dunk and cries, and can be quite brutally defensive, but he is a lively body and probably better tailored for ten minutes of rescue from Johnson or Muscal at this time.

3. Markelle Fultz in Atlanta for DeWayne Dedmon, Vince Carter for Atlanta 2019 in the second round, and Charlotte in 2019. Second round

This is the most depressing of the three. Everyone is depressed. Why am I doing this? Maybe this is a written version of expectations of the worst, hope for the best.

Hawks, like Cavs, smell, and they also have young guards. The reason for the acquisition of Fultz is the same as the Cavs. When you are in the way of acquiring property, you can not worry too much about the position.

In turn, Sixeri are getting a very solid backup center in Dedmont and a rotation wing that can hit three instructions at Vince Carter, now in his 33rd NBA season. At least one game of this season will be the game "Vince Carter", where it will hit five quarters in one quarter and lose in mind.

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