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6 do-it-yourself “black panther” costumes that seem straight from Wakanda

When it comes to Halloween, the best costumes are those that seem legitimate without looking at the store purchased. This do-it-yourself can be a tough threading needle for those who are not used to creating their own cosplay suits. But sometimes you just have to act like characters from the most famous movies, and that means a do-it-yourself tutorial or two to get the best costume there is. These do-it-yourselfers Black Panther the costumes adapt to the bill in all ways. They are cheap but creative and when you're done, people will think you flew to Wakanda for shopping.

Black Panther also has the distinction of being one of the few films of superheroes balanced by gender. These costumes will not only be popular because the film is still fresh, but because there are enough costumes for him and her, without anyone having to dress like a character without spoken lines.

For this DIY list, I collected not only Challa and Shuri, but also Okoye, M & # 39; Baku, Nakia and Killmonger. If your team has more, everyone is jumping from the points to create more costumes until there are so many, you could even enter the party by singing "Yibambe" because you're about to conquer.

Check them:

Black Panther

The Kid Costume on YouTube

The Black Panther outfit will probably be the best looking this year since the film came out in February. The costume is just a black body. For the lines on the suit, a good suggestion is to use a black fabric tape, follow the instructions above. The necklace with claw is on Etsy. The hardest part is the mask, here is the best DIY video if you want to add LEDs.


The full look of Dora Milaje is below, but for those looking for Okoye's "fuck-up on a hot date" look, you need a wig, a red sleeveless dress and bare feet. The spear tutorial is above.

M & # 39; Baku

M & # 39; Baku has a variety of looks, but its most recognizable is the grass skirt and the armor of the battlefield. That's why you'll need a skirt, a chest armor plate in brown, fur arm warmers and boots. If you want the iconic monkey mask, the tutorial is above.

Dora Milaje

Timaloveslemons on YouTube

For those with talent in sewing, making a Dora Milaje costume is actually quite simple, with a red tunic, leather straps and lots of beadwork, following the tutorial above. For the laziest of us, Rubie's has for sale a shop for sale. Do not forget a spear or a pair of frisbee in a circle for a weapon.

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