Monday , July 26 2021

Alex Trebek passed testing for early Alzheimer's disease

Alex Trebek was passing after being tested for Alzheimer's disease, and got worrisome results for the first time.

Many years Danger the host, 78, found that he had decided to test the neurodegenerative disease after noticing that fact could not be recalled at his usual speed.

"I like to play crossword puzzles, and I would have watched the track a long time ago, there would be twelve, and I was trying to answer 26. I was always ready," Vult said. "That's why I went to test for early Alzheimer's disease."

The results needed were initially related.

"The first time they tested me, they said," It does not look good, "he said." Then we tested and said, "You're okay, no need to worry."

I must say that concern is not unexpected considering his age.

"It's natural. I'm 78. It's not like it's 50," he said. "When it's clear that it's time to leave, I'm going."

Talking about his mental condition comes after speculation at the beginning of this year that Trebek, who is now in his 34th year of trivia show, soon retired. In June he said that the prospects "50-50 and a little less" will be adored by the show after his contract is up in 2020.

But January 1, Sony Pictures Television announced that Trebek extended his contract during the season 2021-2022.

I needed to make a brief pause of recording Danger in January after the removal of blood clotting in the brain was triggered by a fall in October 2017.

In the video update on January 4, Trebek said that "the forecast is excellent". He was able to return to recording a few weeks later.

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