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Amazon Prime Day 2019: 7 Tips To Buy To Get The Best Bid

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The prime minister's sale is just behind the corner.

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Amazon Prime Day, an annual shopping event for premier members, is coming on July 15th. Prime Day will last 48 hours, raising what will surely be a tornado business. If you are not a premier member yet, you can still buy these specialties by logging in or trying out for free for 30 days.

We are still two weeks away from a big summer event, and although some good deals have already begun, there are some things you can do to get the best deals for you and your family. Here are some ways to make sure you are a professional in using Amazon before Prime Day.

Share your Premier Advantages

There is no need to pay the full cost for multiple premium accounts in your household if someone already has it. You can share it with another adult, and you can even allow access to children (children will need your permission for all purchases). You will share the same benefits, such as free delivery of the next or two-day delivery and top-of-the-line video streaming.

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Prime Day 2019 will last two full days.


Use a free trial of 30 days

If you want to use Amazon for Prime Day bidding, sign up for a 30-day free trial. You will have the same benefits as paid users for the entire trial period. You can always cancel after the Premier Day has ended in order to avoid membership costs – set up a calendar reminder if you plan to cancel. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Everything You Need to Know


In the waiting list

Typically, a popular item with a nice sales tag will quickly go to the cart. However, customers are given 15 minutes to sign out, and if they have not done so, the item will be removed from the cart. To ensure a place in the queue for the next available item, you must join the waiting group. While waiting, keep checking whether the item has become available.

You can also sign up for alerts on Amazon so you do not miss any offer for Prime Day.

Check the price history before purchasing

Make sure you actually get the best bid by checking the price history of the item you are considering buying. You can use a site like Camelcamelcamel or Keep to track the price history of any item you want to buy. Websites will even warn you when the price falls. You can also check PriceBlink to see if the prices are cheaper in another store.

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Save money by getting the best deal.

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Get a discount for a student or Medicaid

If you are a student or you have Medicaid, you can get a discount on Amazon Prime. So instead of paying $ 13 every month, you'll pay $ 6. You will need to confirm your eligibility by submitting the appropriate documentation. If you are a student, you can scan a copy of the transcript or student ID. For Medicaid Discount, enter your EBT number and send a picture of the card – or submit your Medicaid documentation.

Consider Amazon credit card

Sign up for Amazon credit card if you make a large purchase. You can buy 5% of cash to buy Amazons, but you will also need a premier membership. There is no annual fee for credit cards, and the limit of earnings is unlimited.

amazon-prime-visa "height =" 0 "width =" 370 "data-original =" acbb-d71a7fdbe250 / amazon-premier-visa.jpg

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.


Skip two-day delivery

Amazon offers you rewards if you opt for free cash-free delivery instead of a standard two-day delivery. Once you add the appropriate item to the cart, you will see delivery options, such as one-day delivery, Amazon Day Delivery and no rush. Awards vary depending on the selected item. You can use rewards for digital items such as music, e-books, and apps.

For more information on Amazon Prime Day 2019, here is how to find the best deals for kitchen utensils and devices, televisions and media streamers and gaming equipment.

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