Wednesday , June 23 2021

App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music and more are experiencing breaks [Update: Outage is Over]

It seems that the App Store, iTunes, Apple Music and other Apple services are currently suspended, with multiple MacRumors readers report a break in multiple systems.

When trying to access the device Store apps, users receive a message that can not come until Apple music says "We've encountered a problem" when trying to access features for you or browsing. As far as iTunes is concerned, streaming iTunes content has been canceled and can not be repeated.

It seems that Apple has shut down users in many countries, including the United States, Britain and Germany. Given the amount of reports, it seems that most users are not able to access Apple services.

Apple's system status page is not currently running, and it is unknown how long Apple's services will be reduced. We'll update this post when Store apps, iTunes, Apple music and other features are once again functional.

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