Saturday , September 18 2021

Apple says the battery can be replaced individually in the new MacBook Air screen with the retina

Great news for reliability and environmental responsibility: the battery can be replaced individually in a new MacBook Air, according to Apple's internal notebook storage manual purchased by MacRumors.

Apple shows removing the battery in a new one MacBook Air

In all other models of the MacBook and MacBook Pro with the Retina display that was released since 2012, when the buyer requested replacement of the battery, Apple replaced the entire enclosed space from the top, including the keyboard and trackpad. This is because the battery is glued to the upper case on Mac computers with the Retina screen.

Battery in the new MacBook Air is still glued to the above case, an aluminum frame that includes a keyboard and trackpad, but Apple will provide Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Servers of Battery Removal Tools and re-install a new one without replacing the upper part of the item.

After a new battery is installed, technicians are required to set up a laptop in Apple's existing iPhone printing tool to activate the new glue. Sticky tapes are exactly the ones used for iPhone batteries.

Trackpad in new MacBook Air can also be replaced individually, in accordance with the Service Readiness Guide, obtained from a trusted source.

We'll have to wait for iFixit to crash new MacBook Air for closer look inside the notebook, but Apple has probably made design changes that allow Genius Bars and Apple's authorized service providers to easily replace the battery and floor, eliminating the need for replacement top-of-the-range equipment.

If there are any changes in the design, Apple will probably not extend its new method to replace the battery individually MacBook and MacBook Pro models with Retina screens, but certainly with new generation models.

iFixit has guides for itself to replace the battery MacBook and MacBook Pro Retinal display models that require replacement battery replacement but the process requires quite a few jobs and handy hands. Repairs from the very beginning undermine Apple's warranty.

For comparison, the previous generation MacBook Air has a battery that Apple and its service providers can remove and replace.

In related news, Apple also claims to replace the Touch ID button on a new one MacBook Air does not require an upgrade of the logic board, but the notebook must go through Apple's diagnostics to complete the repair.

Apple has replaced the entire top of the case for easy battery replacement has always been a claim, so this change is well received by repairs. It's also better for the environment and will probably save Apple's money, so it's win-win-win. We talked with Apple for comment.

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