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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West still married?

When Kanye West and Kim Kardashian first started dating in 2012, Kardashian was still married to Khris Humphries, and as that marriage, people believed that her relationship with Kanye West was publicity. Kardashian was even married twice before settling down with West and establishing a family.

Who knew he would turn into one of the strongest Hollywood couples and make nice kids together? Fans everywhere still question unusual pairing, often asking if Kardashian and West are still married. Since both have so busy and successful lives, it's hard to imagine they have enough time for each other. Beyond the usual drama of celebrities, the stress of raising a big family and, of course, constant attention, you might be wondering if they are still together.

Here's what we know about the famous duo and their relationship so far.

They're together for a while

Kardashian and West Began with the release in 2012, although it was supposedly interested in the West years before leaving both her ex-husband. Time was not right and the rest were friends until they failed to succeed.

Then, 2014, West and Kardashian shocked the world when they married in Italy. Two seemed to come from different worlds, but they looked so happy together.

Much has passed

No wonder people want to know if a couple is still strong: they have spent a lot together together. Here's a quick passage through the obstacles they have faced in their marriage so far.

The complications of starting a family are something that many people face. Kardashian was honest in his struggle for conception and health risks he had suffered for pregnancy. Both have always wanted a big family. After the birth of the first two children, they decided to use the surrogate in the future.

They also deal with mental illness. The West has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder at the age of 39 and although it sees it as its "superscription", according to HuffPost, it still has caused tension in their marriage.

Above all, they are constantly following, photographed and faced with public oversight.

Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West still together?

Many people can not help but read the headlines and wonder if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still together? Yes, they are, and have confirmed that this year will host another boy in the family. The new addition to Kardashian-West fam will also be delivered over the surrogate as their youngest, Chicago West.

While Kardashian loudly said he did not want to "keep" Kanye Westa, and the other frustrations she had, she seemed to want to stay. She is his greatest fan carriers at every turn.

It seems that the fact that they are very different does not hurt their relationship. Kardashian quickly defends his man from trolls on the internet. She's always alongside him – even when she shows strange behavior, she is there to bring him back.

West also strongly supported his wife and all her business relationships. He is also a father of lovers and a family man. He is known to show great affection towards Kardashian with great romantic gestures. Some of them share in social media.

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