Sunday , May 16 2021

Bellinger shines again as the offensive attack continues to complete the swing – Dodgers Digest

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Dodgers play much better to start in 2019 than they did in 2018 because they were still undefeated if it was not Joe Kelly who let the two games fall in a spectacular way. Still, 8-2 was good for the first 10 games and they won again at Rockies to take a swing, 12-5.

Although AJ Pollock has been playing solidly so far, this is essentially the same setting as last year, so he is a credible kicker for Robert Van Scoyoc for improvement at all places. It looks relatively insurmountable and it continued tonight. They scored a goal in six changes, accumulating 12 runs on 12 hits and 10 wins against only 4 strikes.

This included the launcher Julio Urias who issued the box.

Of course, it has achieved two rides thanks to Charlie Blackmondu, who has made more than a few misplay today.

Max Muncy also broke the ball, which was one of two Dodgerse houses.

Other? From the star of the day, Cody Bellinger.

Yes, he did it again, 3-for-4 with a walk, twice, and Homer, his seventh in a year. But today it sparked it all, showing its speed on a single plot, and it also came to great defense.

On the other hand, the ball was still a mixture. Julio Urias started and apparently had no best command while walking four and worked in 74 steps in his 3.2 innings. He handed four goals and dropped only two, allowing his first three races in the season, though it could be twice that Enrique Hernandez did not forget the odes and turned the double game.

Enrique later compensated him for saving Joe Kelly's race with an excellent diving flag.

Talking about it, Kelly was much better today, got five cars and dumped three. However, he still handed three goals and was finally charged with two races after Caleb Ferguson allowed both of his legacy bassers to score. In the box, Ferguson continued to look solid, leaving one change and knocking out one, with only one drop.

He recently called Dennis Santana and then went in to try and give him a little rest, and he was able to do just that. He got the last 2.2 innings, resigned from running to two hits and walks, but hit two.

Dodgersi are now 8-2, which connects them to the second best record in the baseball behind … Seattle Mariners (?), And they continue their trip to St. Louisa playing at Cardinals at 13:45 HST. / 4: 45 PM PST / 7: 45 PM EST. Hyun-Jin Ryu will strive to continue the strong start of the season against Miles Mikolas.

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