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Bizarre New data suggests that dark energy is getting stronger

Dark energy

Physicists have long assumed that the mysterious power that is called dark energy is constant. But now, strange new observations from quasars indicate that it may become stronger over time.

"We watched quasars back to just a billion years after the Great Bore and found that the rate of universe expansion to this day was faster than we expected," said Guido Risaliti, a researcher at the University of Florence. "It could mean that dark energy is getting stronger as the cosmos grows."

Quasars from Afara

Durango's newcomers and colleagues have exposed provocative observations in a new article published in a prestigious magazine Nature Astronomy. The duo examined x-ray and ultraviolet data from telescopes, pointing to almost two thousand quasars, which are huge black holes that sprout epic energy bundles.

What they found surprising. New readings point out that objects in the universe do not just go away, but make it at an accelerated pace. According to the researchers, it suggests that dark energy becomes ever stronger as the universe lasts.

New physics

The newcomer thinks the implications are profound – and could announce a new understanding of physics that explains the universe.

"Some scientists have suggested that a new physics might be needed to explain this difference, including the possibility of darker energy growing," Risaliti said in the same issue. "Our new results agree with this suggestion."

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