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Canelo Álvarez vs. G.G.G.: Start time, Odds and How to Watch

In an era where the best boxers often avoid fighting one with another, sport is treating fans of a second match between two of the best fighters of their generation when Canelo Álvarez meets Gennady Golovkin Saturday in Las Vegas.

What, when and where?

Álvarez will fight against Golovkin at the T-Mobile Arena. On the line there will be the Golovkin World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council and the average belts of the International Boxing Organization.

How to watch: Pay-per-view combat coverage will start at 8.00pm. Oriental. The suggested price is $ 85. The main event will certainly not start before 9pm.

What happened in the first fight?

Last September, the two men faced each other in the same arena in a long-awaited race. Unfortunately, the result was something of an anticipation. The fighters brutally pulled him out for 12 rounds, but neither could knock the other out or get a decisive advantage.

Although most observers thought Golovkin was superior, the fight was ruled by a draw, with a judge in hand for each fighter and one who called him a draw. A judge who scored the close race, 118-110, for Álvarez has been the subject of particularly heated criticism.

What happened since then?

Calls for a rematch started immediately and one was scheduled for May. But Álvarez was positive for Clenbuterol in February and retired from the fight. Clenbuterol is used by some athletes to lose weight. Álvarez said the result came because he had eaten contaminated meat in Mexico, where clenbuterol is sometimes given to animals.

Golovkin instead fought a less-announced fighter, Vanes Martirosyan, and eliminated him in two rounds.

Álvarez-Golovkin II was finally reprogrammed for this weekend.

How do they accumulate?

Álvarez, 28, is a longtime sports hero, especially for Mexicans and Mexican Americans. During a career that dates back to 2005, he has only one loss, to Floyd Mayweather Jr. by a majority decision in 2013. His victims include Julio César Chávez Jr., Amir Khan, Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley.

Golovkin, 36, remains unbeaten in 39 matches, including 34 knockouts, many of them fierce. It is one and a half inches taller than Álvarez. Golovkin is ranked No. 1 boxer in the pound world for pound by The Ring magazine. Álvarez was recently ranked fourth and sixth, although he is out of the top 10 because of his positive and inactivated drug tests.

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