Monday , May 17 2021

Chris Davis closes in that unfortunate history

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How bad are things for Orioles' first soldier / futility of Chris Davis? He's just lost on a plate now, losing his throwing tasks.

Baltimore defeated Yankees 15-3 on Sunday, so he spared Brandon Hyde's manager who brought the player to the stand. Davis was the only Oriole in the pitcher with great pitching experience, two injections without results and a win in a 16-match match in 2012. He was also a star at high school. But Hyde went with Hanser Albert instead of Davis. Why? "I did not want to put it in the center of attention," Hyde said.

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Chris Davis really refuses me

To threaten to become an Orioles opener, Chris Davis has gone 0-for-3 with three …

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Maybe there is no way to avoid it. Davis is now 0 for the last 44 and two o'clock away from joining the longest series of hits in the history of the baseball: the 0-to-46 stretch that Eugenio Velez took for two teams and more than a full calendar year and then never again in big leagues. Davis has compiled his historic loophole in a much shorter period since September 14 last season, as he still earns $ 23 million this year and for each of the next three years, and Orioles are not exactly the team that wants to accept the overwhelmed cost (nor is that team who is actively trying to win).

Only 2019, Davis 0 to 23 with 13 attacks. On Sunday it was 0-for-4 with two more Ks.

"I hope it feels like it is progressing," Hyde said. – He took a couple of decent passageways on these balls [on Sunday]It just did not happen. "

That did not happen for a while, so we're here. And Monday could be a day for David and history. Righthander Marco Estrada will start for Oakland, and Davis is primarily on the sidelines this year. (Last season hit the .178 against the right, which just looks bad until you see what he did against the left.)

Another hitless-on-bat would link him to Bill Bergen (1909), Dave Campbell (1973), and Craig Counsel (2011), two more to tie him up with the Vessel, and another three would immediately announce it. (Davis also has six appearances without tile away from the record of 57th Tony Bernazard's MLB, set in 1974)

And whether Davis eventually breaks an obscure record or breaks his strike, Oriolesi may allow him to go again.

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