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Colorful and creative decór for the autumn | Sun life

While the cooler days of autumn are coming, you can spend a little time welcoming the season by decorating indoors and out with new clever ideas.

Carves a pumpkin

Create a cozy piece near the front door creating your "mumkin" and combining the theme of an autumn pumpkin with the beauty of chrysanthemums.

He buys a large pumpkin and pretty yellow mums to lay out generously on the top of the pumpkin. Cut the top of the pumpkin and collect the seeds and the fibers.

Using a bowl or jar that fits the pumpkin, fill it with water and put it into the pumpkin. Arrange the mothers so that the pumpkin becomes the flower vase.

To create a larger room, consider adding two smaller pumpkins to the mothers in different colors.


Centerpiece of corn candy

Store three bottles of wine of the same size or different sizes and immerse them to completely remove the labels.

Prepare a spray painting area in the open or in the garage to protect objects in the vicinity. Spray each bottle of wine with white paint completely and allow each bottle to dry completely.

Once the white paint is dry, spray the central area of ​​each wine bottle with orange paint and allow it to dry. Next, spray the bottom with yellow paint.

For an artistic effect, do not try to make every bottle perfect or exactly the same. Change the width of orange or yellow on each bottle.

Add some twigs and fake leaves to each bottle and put the trio on a solid tray surrounded by corn candy. Accentuates the arrangement with a medium-small pumpkin that does not overwhelm the corn bottles.


Colored centerpiece

To make this arrangement vivid you will need a large oval or round oval or Pyrex pan, plus five or six mini-pumpkins in a mix of orange, white and yellow. Fill the dish halfway with the soil and add some small succulents near the center. Put the mini pumpkins at different angles in the ground.

Add seasonal vegetables such as radishes and a small aubergine and surround the edges with kale. Use small bundles of rosemary and sage to fill in the blanks.

This unusual centerpiece will add a colorful accent and a bit of scent to any fall table.


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