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Daily Deals: 4K RCA TV for Cheap, Nier Automatic GotYE 40% discount and more


When viewing 4K has become so cheap!

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Shawn Saris and IGN Staff

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Amazona Prime 2019 Day begins on July 15 at midnight PST and lasts for 48 hours. Read our guide for Amazon Prime Day 2019 to see what steps you can take to prepare for Amazon's biggest sales of the year. Tip: If you have not yet registered for Amazon Prime or Amazon Rewards Visa Card, now is the time to do so.


If you miss this jewel, it's time to jump because it's at the lowest price ever.

This sponsored job is brought to you by Dell Small Business.


Specifications include the latest generation of Intel Core i5-9400 6-core processors, 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD.


Look, it can not be better than this. If you want no sets, 4K TV, then this is one for you.

If you want to boost slightly, higher-level models are also sold:



For the price separately, Mario Maker 2 is sold for $ 59.99 and Membership on Switch Online for $ 19.99. Save $ 10 (or, if you want, 50% discount on Membership in Online Switching) when you buy both together. Membership is Recommended if you want to get the full experience of Mario Maker 2. Not only will you be able to share your own creations, but you will be able to access and play thousands of custom levels that other players are sending.

Our review was turned off and this game was considered "Amazing" (9.5 / 10). Seth Macy writes "Super Mario Maker 2 Makes Almost Everything Better Than Your Exquisite Predecessor, Keeping The Charm Of Mario Games And Introducing Some Amazing Ideas".


If you are looking for the latest and best of Apple, there is a great deal for you in Walmart. The iPad Pro 64GB model is currently discounted more than $ 160.

You can also get the normal versions for sale:


Update: Box Art Revealed!

This latest collectibles Blu-ray set is usually sold at a price of $ 330 but is currently available for only $ 250. You can tell what you want about season 8, but I'm sure the majority will agree that the game is the throne of one of the best series that has decorated modern television. You can enjoy all 8 seasons (73 episodes) in magnificent HD. The collector edition will also feature 15 hours of content bonus and never seen before.

As far as pre-orders are concerned in general on Amazon, you will not be charged for your order until the item is delivered. No cancellation penalty at any time. If the price drops even before the item is delivered, your price will automatically adjust to a lower price without you doing anything.


Use the code "50OFF699"

A factor in the Visa card and you are basically paying $ 899.99 for this very powerful gaming device. This Alienware case contains a 9-core Intel 6-core processor, 16GB of RAM and your choice of either 512GB SSD or two drives (256GB SSD + 2TB HDD). The upgraded GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is equivalent to the performance of the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, which is more than enough to run any game from Steam Summer Sale to 1440p.


If you are in the market for non-Apple tablet, this handy Samsung tablet is currently very cheap!


Sometimes you do not need a crazy powerful machine, you just need something to do. This Chromebook is ideal for meeting these needs.


If you are looking for an inexpensive 1080p TV with smart functionality, do not look further.


This practical small speaker connects to virtually any device and is small enough to accommodate almost anywhere you want it.


The Steam Summer Sale is the easiest discounted PC gaming event all year round. The sale begins today and lasts for two weeks until July 9th. The sale will be on thousands of PC titles from AAA and Indie to VR.


You must be logged in to your Amazon Prime account to see this job. If you are a regular digital book reader, this membership is recommended. Kindle Unlimited gives you access to more than 1 million Kindle eBooks and more than 20,000 digital comics. This agreement usually only applies to new subscribers, but there are reports that it worked for people who previously subscribed but are not current members.


If you've decided to keep the Kindle Unlimited on long terms, there are great deals for extended plans. The longer the plan, the more it will save you. This job is in the form of a gift, but you can simply donate it to yourself.


Sign in to your Amazon Prime account to see this job. Audible membership typically costs $ 149.50 a year. With this job, you pay $ 119.50 and you get Amazon Echo Dot third-generation for just $ 1. With this membership, you can listen to an extended Amazon Audio Library library whenever and wherever you like. Each month you get 1 credit value for 1 audiobook at any cost. You can keep this forever.

If you change long hours on a daily basis, then this is definitely for you.


You will need to create a (free) account to get this "Power Deal". PS Plus membership discounts only happen several times a year, so grab this job when you can. This membership allows you to play games online, the best discounts on the Playstation Store and new free games every month.


There are more than enough reasons to order this game, but Walmart and Amazon have added another reason: it is currently 17% off. Register it now before the price comes back.


For the first time ever, Apple has just dropped the price on AirPods 2 with a $ 200 $ $ 179.99 wireless charge. The new AirPods 2 introduces hands-free Siri, increases battery life and promises faster performance compared to the previous version. The housing can be charged wirelessly with the Qi charging inductor (or plugged into a Lightning cable, but you did not pay extra for wireless the case of charging for that, are you).


Internal Battery Switch has a capacity of 4.100mAh. This means that this charger will dramatically triple battery life. For a limited time, you can get it at no additional cost to buy Switch.


The new Vizio Series 2018 series televisions have lower prices than we saw on Black Friday. For its price, the Vizio D-series televisions are one of the best rated boards around. The warranty extension for 3 years costs only 26 USD.


PS4 Pro is a more powerful version of PS4 and PS4 Slim. If you want to run games in 4K with HDR enabled, it's a console to get. This was a job since E3, but Walmart is currently the only supplier who still respects this price.


Although this is not something that is commonly found here, this camera is a really good device at home. Although intended for use as a baby monitor so you can sign your kids from anywhere you have access to the Internet, it's also great as a general home tracker, since it can be set up in any room to enable live video and the sound feeds.


Dell will launch this week with several LG, Sony and Vizio 4K HDTVs. Bids match the lowest prices you'll find anywhere else, plus you will get a 90-day bonus gift card that can be used on almost everything at, including consoles, monitors, VR headphones, games, video cards, computers and more a lot of it.

4K Smart HDTV:

Premium 4K Smart HD HDR TVs:

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