Sunday , January 24 2021

damage to the equipment – How to recover footage from a folded SD card?

Most likely, the SD card is toast. Sorry. = (

At best (but very unlikely), inside the SD card you will find a very small flash memory chip with very thin individual wires that go to the external electrical contacts of the SD card. It is possible that one or more of these wires have been cut and all you need is to reattach those wires with a welding gun.

But more likely, from the description you gave, the flash memory chip suffered a bending moment that caused it to break. The silicon semiconductor has a crystalline structure and is not flexible. It will break and break in response to bending forces rather than deform and rebound. When this happens, the chip has a fatal error that can not be recovered from – the circuit paths are interrupted.

The only advice I can give is for the future: use Micro SD cards in a MicroSD-to-SD card adapter. This will keep the Micro SD card packaged on the back of the SD card adapter, over the cutting line where the SD card adapter intersects the case plane of the MacBook Pro.

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