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Digital DIY: how bedroom production is creating new artists

Open laptop showing music production software

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How bedroom production is creating the next wave of artists.

According to the annual Nielsen U.S.A music report, R & B / hip-hop has surpassed rock as the most popular genre of music. "It's almost time [this happened]", Said Zac Carper of the Californian punk band" FIDLAR ", when asked how this development can influence their approach to music in a recent interview on MTV, he explains that while technology continues to advance, more" fashionable people " "They have access to creating" cool music "on their personal laptops." I think it's the most DIY [thing] out there."

The origins of music self-sufficiency came before do-it-yourself punk ethics found in groups like Minor Threat, Death and Los Saicos. Self-sufficiency can be traced back to the first groups of African-American pitchers. The use of household objects, such as a washboard and pitchers, to make music that later evolved into what is known as American blues and jazz. Some of the early pioneers in this genre such as Lead Belly, Muddy Waters and Jelly Roll Morton can be seen and heard today thanks to the documentation of the ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax.

Now the old dishwashers have become the new laptops as music becomes more accessible than ever, with the development of streaming services like Spotify and production software such as FL Studio and Stagelight. GarageBand, which is preloaded on every MacBook, iPhone and iPad, is another program that offers many aspiring musicians the opportunity to easily produce and record their music. Moreover, many people who do not have a musical background now have the opportunity to create and experiment with music. Furthermore, the convenience of having these programs allows people to continue working on projects outside of a professional study space. For most musicians, their laptop is the last studio space.

Man who uses the personal computer to produce music

The Deli, David Pryor, from Austin, Texas, creates some of his jazz, hip-hop and lo-fi beats on his personal computer.

Local musician and guitarist Jacob Livingston, 23, has noted that although hip-hop is now the most dominant music genre, it does not mean that others will simply go away. He commented: "I think that what is so attractive in making digital music, unlike instruments, is not necessarily the genre of music, but it's just getting in touch with music through simpler ways like beating and rapping." Livingston continues strumming a Fender Jazzmaster as he turned to the ever-changing music scene for recording artists, "I feel I can be more direct and instantaneous in capturing the feeling of a moment with hip-hop." Livingston believes that playing the guitar is more challenging but allows him to express his most creative side.

Incidentally, this new creative accessibility and the development of emerging artists has created more space for people to share their music. There are numerous sites where anyone can publish their music, but the two most famous providers are Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

SoundCloud has become the place where many artists have expressed themselves and has become so synonymous with do-it-yourself hip-hop that "SoundCloud rap" has manifested itself in its recognizable musical genre. Many famous artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Peep, Playboi Carti and Post Malone have garnered a lot of attention to be published on SoundCloud.

The DIY soundscape has been changed indefinitely with the addition of these services. Although the days of DIY music are characterized by the fact that a group of punk playing guitars have not completely disappeared, a similar eye-opening experience can be found in software that you've never clicked before.

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