Wednesday , July 28 2021

DIY Street Fair this weekend

There is a do-it-yourself street fair this weekend in Ferndale with art, music, food and a children's area, and we had a sneak preview thanks to our friends at Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers. Christopher Gorski, owner of the Detroit GT, and Paul Weideman, president of Mirror Lake Organics, joined us in the studio to tell us more.

Gorski is the owner of the Detroit GT, his graphic design and illustration activity. GT is synonymous with graphic technology. It offers different products on clothing, cups, coasters and artistic prints. Gorski is attracted to the DIY Street Fair because his studio is there, and when he goes to the festival he can connect with friends, family and even the mayor. He also told us about his partnership with Chevy Dealers and how it fits to be a DIY artist. He actually sold himself directly from a classic Chevy vehicle and when Chevy found out he did, they actually teased him to get a new vehicle. If you come to the DIY Street Fair, you will see which car you have chosen.

Weideman told us about his organic body products from Mirror Lake Organics. He said that after leaving the advertising industry, he used his farm to create his own organic products. Now it has body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, deodorants, lip balm, face cream and more.

Weideman also showed us a gigantic piece of art that he brought to the studio that is part of a Detroit Metro Chevy competition. Dustin Leslie made a surprise appearance to give Weideman a $ 500 gift card because they were so happy with his artistic presentation.

The DIY Street Fair is this weekend, from September 21st to 23rd, in the center of Ferndale. For more information on the DIY festival and all the fun events around the city, click here:

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