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Do-it-yourself autumn decorations using recycled items from used-goods stores Inhabitat

Autumn is a great time to drive away new decorations, but you do not have to break the bank to make your home stand out. Making do-it-yourself decorations is a great way to save money and help the environment at the same time. From the floating shelves to the autumn clothing accessories, here are the eight autumn decorations that you can create from the common articles of the used shop or from the materials of your craft drawer.

Pumpkin-shaped display for cake

Nothing says falling like fresh pumpkins. You can proudly display these seasonal staples (before cooking them for dinner) using an old cake stand, or you can build one from old dishes and a candle holder. If you are building one, just mount the candle holder between two plates and paint them as you wish. Paste the plates to hold everything firmly in place. You can build as many of these as you like, using supports of different sizes to vary the heights.

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Floating shelves

Floating book shelves can add a cozy and mysterious room atmosphere, and you can build these imaginative supports with some old stiff covers and a metal bracket. With a floating bookcase, the book at the bottom keeps everything in place while hiding the support bracket. Once completed, the shelf makes it appear as if books floated on their own.

For this project, all you need are some metal brackets and some hardcover books. Start by connecting the bottom of the hardcover book to a metal bracket with a piece of fabric closure. The fabric fastening device must be fixed so as to hold the lower lid in place. The rest of the hardcover book should rest above the bracket. Then screw the bracket into place and install the lower book. You can stack more books on top of the first one, but make sure the weight is not higher than the one allowed by the metal bracket. Stander like many of these floating shelves hanging on the wall to complete the look and complete each one with your favorite junk.

Pumpkins sweater

The braided sweaters make fantastic do-it-yourself pumpkins that do not rot if you forget them. You can make these adorable autumn decorations with a cable knit sweater, padding, thread, twine and a sewing needle. Start by cutting the sweater halfway under the armpits. Then, use the needle and thread to create a running stitch along the bottom of the fabric, pulling it hard while you work. With the bottom closed, fill the fabric with the fill material, leaving about 5 inches of sweater on top. The filling should turn the sweater into a rounded shape. Close the sweater with another stitch running around the top and add a piece of twine to a stem. Finally, do a little twine in sections from the top of the sweater all the way down to create ridges, pulling hard for a more pumpkin-like appearance.

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Cart storage

We could all use a little extra space at home. Instead of buying new plastic containers, you can convert an old trash bin as a decorative storage space for all seasonal items that take over your home, such as blankets, scarves and boots. All you have to do is take an old basket and repaint it with a solid color to match your existing furniture. You can also paint a design on the basket to make it stand out. Attach a thick rope to the top of the basket to act as handles, making it easier to move a basket full of scarves, coats or blankets from the living room to the laundry.

Autumn clothing

There are a lot of things around the house or in your local used store that you can load and wear in the cooler autumn weather. If you have sweaters that are irreparable, you can cut the sleeves and use them as legwarmers, knit socks or high socks. You can even create more pairs using just a sweater, depending on the size.

If you have a blanket that has seen better days, cutting it the right way can turn it into your new favorite scarf. The key is to get the right size. If you have another scarf on hand, use it as a reference. The traditional scarves are anywhere between 55 and 82 inches in length and 5 to 10 inches in width. Depending on the conditions and dimensions of the blanket, you should be able to get more one-piece scarves.

Seasonal cushions

Bring your love for the fall to the next level by creating cushion covers with old sweaters or flannel shirts. Start by cutting the sleeves of the sweater or flannel, carefully following the seams. So, put the pillow inside the shirt to get an idea of ​​the best positioning. Try to center the cushions with pockets or buttons, which will give these covers a further charm. Cut around the pillow, leaving an inch of fabric all around. Flip the fabric over and sew all sides together. Avoid sewing to close the buttons, as this is where you will insert the pillow. Once everything is sewn together, turn the shirt on the right side, unbutton it, insert the pillow and put the lid back on. If the top of the selection has no buttons, sew the buttons or a zipper on one side of the pillow cover.

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Mason Jar Pumpkins

You can make very nice do-it-yourself autumn decorations using old glass jars. All you need are glass jars, non-toxic varnish, twine and some fake leaves and stalks for the stems. Start by painting the brown lids and the vases of a dark orange. Once they have dried, screw the lids onto the cans and use a piece of string to tie the can just below the base of the lids. Add fake leaves and corks to the top of the lids and feel free to paint even on some fun faces of Jack O & Lantern.

Patio lights

Turning old cans into patio lights is much easier than one might think. All you need are scissors or shears, an awl, paints and tea lights. Start by removing the labels from the cans and cleaning them carefully. Use a strong perforator to create patterns on cans and paint them in warm autumn color. If you do not have a puncher handy, you can carefully use a hammer and a nail to create the same effect. Just insert the tea light into the cans and place them around the patio, the porch or even indoors.

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