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Do-it-yourself cameras represent most of the Smart Home IP camera sales in the United States.

Parks Associates notes that voice integration and IA development in relation to image and sound recognition will drive the next generation of IP cameras.

DALLAS – Parks Associates research firm estimates that 7 million stand-alone and all-in-one IP security cameras will be sold in the United States this year, with an estimated revenue of $ 889 million.

"IP cameras are key security devices and offer peace of mind to consumers, as such, these devices are consistently among the most popular smart home devices," says research analyst Dina Abdelrazik, Parks Associates. "Currently 9% of US broadband families have one, but advances in image recognition and ease of self-installation, coupled with a strong user experience, are fostering greater adoption, with sales channels (online and in -store) that begin to dominate sales. "

Do-it-yourself cameras represent the majority of sales as these products improve consumer experiences for installation, configuration and use. Consumers still appreciate the recommendations and configuration assistance, however – 7 out of 10 consumers wishing to purchase an IP / network camera would consider the recommendations of a "major or very important" insurance or security company. strong reference markets.

"When consumers interact with their smart device more frequently, they are more likely to recommend it to relatives and friends," Abdelrazik says. "Artificial intelligence and voice control integration will help drive further consumer engagement, which will continue to generate positive consumer experiences, while consumer privacy concerns exist with network cameras / IP, we are designing double-digit growth for the IP camera market, increasing consumer friendliness, prices continue to fall and millennials buy homes, buy pets and start having families. "

"Smart Product Market Assessment" by Parks Associates notes the integration of voice and the development of AI in relation to the recognition of images and sounds will guide the next generation of cameras on the network. Over 80% of consumers who own or plan to purchase a video camera on a network consider images or sound recognition skills to identify security and security events (such as breaking a glass or falling a person) to be appealing or very attractive.

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