Wednesday , May 12 2021

Do-it-yourself colonoscopy and other strange inventions at the Tokyo Show

There were a lot of weird inventions at this year's new Tokyo show, but some that have stood out have been a do-it-yourself colonoscopy, a "babypod" that plays music for unborn babies and a device that translates dog barks to their owners.

The Tokyo Museum celebrates the bizarre innovations created by scientists for the Ig Nobel Prize, also known as "anti-Nobel". These inventions are designed to make people laugh at the beginning, but really think about it as time progresses. A winner, the Japanese doctor Akira Horiuchi, has created a do-it-yourself colonoscopy.

Horiuchi demonstrated his invention at the museum based on his 2006 study, "Sitting-in colonoscopy: lessons learned from auto-colonoscopy". The researcher said he never found it embarrassing since colon cancer is such a serious thing.

"I knew the importance of colonoscopy and the number of patients with colon cancer was increasing," Horiuchi told AFP. "Not many people take the test … so I wanted to create an exam that could be accepted by everyone."

The babypod speaker creates a "concert" for unborn babies, and research has shown that this is more effective than music on the stomach.

"In most parts of the world, when people behave in very eccentric ways, this is considered a very bad thing," said Marc Abrahams, founder of the award. "Do not kill your eccentrics, you like them."

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