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Emmy 2018: How DIY Natalia Dyer’s Pearly White Manicure

When it comes to red carpet glamor, Natalia Dyer he literally left us seeing the stars. From his beautiful Zodiac-themed dress a a red dress covered with flowers, the Stranger things star is not afraid to have a little fun with his look. For his last trip on the red carpet to 2018 Emmy, has transformed everything into gold, offering a moment that mixes elements of past and present trends.

Although Natalia Emmys' dress did not incorporate any zodiac inspiration, the dress had beautiful golden details. Thanks to its soft and voluminous curls, full lashes and slightly dusted lids, the actor looked straight out of old Hollywood. He extended the brilliance present in the dress in his choice of manicure and revealed a pearly and sparkling enamel on the red carpet.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Natalia shared some of the details behind her appearance. For Emmy's night, she worked with stylist Brad Goreski and a glam team that included the Celebrity Manicurist Steph Stone. In a day of preparation that Natalie admits can become "hectic", she began to become glam around 11:00. "It usually starts with the dress and then we start throwing ideas for the rest," said Natalia. "As soon as I tried the dress, Brad and I immediately thought that the classic Veronica Lake look would be perfect."

Steph echoed Natalie's feelings in maintaining the overall modern look. He explained that they chose Essie's Venture to Venture nail shadow new collection of Concrete Glitters (arriving in October 2018) because of its "unique glitter texture". The sparkling white glitter was decidedly playful, but its iridescent sheen also worked to further highlight the detailed glitter touches found on Natalia's dress.

To replicate the hands at home, Steph said it is important to carefully follow the polishing steps. "Firstly, you want to have a clean nail bed to start and then always use a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat if applicable," he said. "Follow all the steps will give you the most lasting manicure instead of jumping and experimenting with the chips by the end of the day."

While Natalia's fingernails were all covered by Essie's Venture to Venture, Steph emphasized that it was right to mix and match the Polish colors. "I always recommend a different color for each nail," he said. "You might be surprised with a nuance after applying it, away with what makes you more excited to watch."

This last moment of beauty of the red carpet was certainly A lot different from what Natalia is usually cradling Stranger things, but shared his excitement for the continuous evolution of his personality of Nancy. "The glam of the red carpet always takes a good deal of time, and of course I have more say[chesu[thanon[chesu[thanonStranger things]"However, I think that this season Nancy has intensified her beauty game, it's very 80".

It remains to be seen if we will see Natalia with a new hand in every upcoming episode of Stranger things, but the star has shared his advice for those looking for their modern glam play. If you are struggling to decide a shiny color, Natalia has had a rather ingenious suggestion. "Choose a shadow that will make you feel happy when you look at it," he said. "A good hand is a small way to make you smile." He continued with the wisdom of beauty, remembering Teen Vogue readers who polish with glitter never go out of fashion.

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