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Finale Cup Stanley 2019: Blues beat Bruinsa, 4-1, in 7th game winning first title in team history

Almost 50 years after their last appearance at Stanley Cup, Boston Bruins, St. Louis Blues regained his 1970 defeat in a historic way, defeating at the 4-1 Eastern Stars Thursday night in the East Conference to look for their first title

Bruins might have entered the upper hand, touting home ice after falling four goals at Blues Rookie goalkeeper Jordan Binnington in a 5-1 game 6 route, but he was suffocated by an early assault attack to start Thursday's showdown. This enabled St. Louise to hold a 2-0 lead after two seasons, despite half-time action only six of his strikes. From that moment on, with the fans of Boston and the brusian biggest names back in the shadows, St. Louis simply put the clinic in motion, demonstrating the perfect checkup, defending the transition, and killing the punishment – just a couple of thirds of the time the goals sealed their first title in franchise history.

For the team sitting at the last place on the first day of 2019, Blues looked much more like a veteran team than Bruins, who were essentially exhausted from all the energy and rhythm at the end of the first period. Ryan O & Reilly entered the history by getting first St. Louisa on the board after Tuukka Rask became the first player to score 4 in the final of Wayne Gretzky in 1985. Scoring Zacha Sanford and Braydena Schenna for the final eight and a half minutes seal the deal and only late score by Matt Grzelcyk by putting Boston on board.

Going into the game 7 was supposed to be the version of Blues and Bruins actually appearing. Boston looked like a favorite favorite after winning at the start of the match that led them to "have been there, do it" veterans of the series, and Bluesima needed overtime to barely keep in the game 2. Smoking 7-2 in the subsequent matchup apparently was confirmed by Bs as the team that won the Cup, but was St. Louis stole a series of two wins in the series, including one at TD Garden, before another blast of Bruinsa in a 6-round 5-1 run, marking the long-awaited first-line star in Boston.

Blues has been disciplined in various places in the series, with two different players looking for suspensions for illegal hits, but St. Louis remained locked when it was important, especially in game 7. In addition to the early-term delay in Boston, Craig Berube's team remained laser-sharp, especially in defense, to keep the lead 2-0.

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Boston has no answer, a little bit of life through two periods

After they started so aggressively and efficiently in the first period, the Bruins seemed to be at one point crossing the Jordan Binnington. However, for the next 35 minutes, the early wave of Boston might have been nothing more than a woodburner. Even when it is St. Louis managed only six shots on goal at half time of the 7th, Blues was in full control over the entire period of two, grasping every hope of fast recovery for B on his ice in a defensive clinic home. , especially in transition through a neutral zone.

More Binnington stones have died more than just a dumbfounded first Boston Order, as well as TD Garden fans, who at one time relieved the New England Patriots of persuasion in order to spark wailing.

If not for some help from the bar, Tuukka Rask might have also handed the third Blues goal in the second.

Blues attacks first – and others – despite Bruins' early dominance

The Bruinsi had all they needed to start the game 7. Immediately behind the door, they absolutely grabbed Jordan Binnington with the blows and had a great move in the range of points. Restricted to St. Louis to just one shot at goal more than 10 minutes in the starting period. Undoubtedly delaying the game on Colton Parayka's airplane passage even gave Boston the first advantage at night out. But Binnington refused to give up, fleeing Boston with several stops.

Meanwhile, Ryan O & Reilly rewarded Binnington's perseverance by putting Blues on the board first with 3:13 in the initial period, firing Sammy Blaise last Raska and setting up a 22-point franchise record in his career. .

If you suddenly lead St. Louisa seemed unbelievable because of Bruin's apparent energy advantage at the start of the game, Alex Pietrangelo has ensured that TD Garden has been silent for some time. He filled the net during bad weather for Bruins and put Rush down to increase Blues' advantage at 2-0 with the remaining 7.9 seconds in the first.

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