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Google finally kills Hangouts … in 2020

Google will soon be killing Hangouts, the notorious business messaging app. 9to5Google reports that 2020 will shut down Hangouts.

An application that has long been neglected by the company still lives in the new Gmail. Mobile application services, on the other hand, still show signs of age. As reported, Google will keep the Hangouts brand alive with Hangouts Chat apps and Hangouts Meetings apps that are available through G Suite.

Google has already tried a bunch of other Hangout message messaging apps and has almost become a trick to running. The company still makes Allo, who has never really taken off, and has recently started investing in RCS with the new Chat / Android Messages application that works almost like iMessage for Android.

Since Google (hopefully) continues to invest in RCS and Chat / Android messages, it is clear that there is no need for a Hangout or even Allo, and the company having the service down there makes a lot of sense. I'm not sure why he will wait until 2020 to kill him.

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